Monday, April 29, 2013

Bonding with our Poochie Champ at the Backyard

I took these shots when my daughter was in the mood to play with our Pooch ChamP, one afternoon after she got home from school.
You noticed Champ's  half smile?
He is a strong dog, he can carry my princess  at his back.
I hope you are having a great  start of the week.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Skull from the Woods

My husband and  kids went for a walk in the woods a couple of weeks ago and found this skull.  They brought it home, cleaned/sterilized and sanitized it so the kids can  learn more about it.
Based from what you see  in the NOSE  part,  what do you think this is?
  We are not sure if this is from a dog or a deer.  What do you think?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It has been a year since we  last  went to the ocean.  We visited a family friend over in San Antonio Texas and we decided to head out and see USS Lexington in Curpus Cristi.  I had fun  taking photos of the seagulls that flocked in the seashore.  I am not sure when are we  going to see this beautiful place again but it sure brings a lot of good memories.
On the other note, we know that April showers bring May flowers. So why not embrace the rain? Wet weather doesn’t mean we can’t be stylish! For example, try the Vee Multi Print Rain Boot. The fashionably low ankle is perfect for pretty dresses and skinny jeans, while the funky pattern brings an easy pop to any outfit! You won’t feel bulky or under-dressed in these cute rain boots – rather, you’ll be prepared and super stylish!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kitty Emma

We do not have cat at home bu my Burritos certainly love  feline.  Photos were taken when we had our first vacation in the Philippines.  My daughter  owned a kitten for a brief time, a friend of mine had kittens so she gave  her one.  My daughter named her Emma.  She cried when we  had to go back to Korea as we had to leave the cat at my parent's home.
It's been four years since our last visit.  I hope that we could visit again soon.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Sunshine State

I think that the Sunshine State, Florida is a great place to live.  The weather is  beautiful and there are so many beaches to enjoy.  PGA Village in Port St Lucie is one beautiful place to  live in.  PGA Village Verano is a resort style community  with  luxurious amenities like  indoor pool, golf course,  fitness gym, and more.   This community is developed by Kolter Homes, a well established company that built many  beautiful homes in Florida.

 I wouldn't hesitate to say yes if my husband would ask me to live in Florida.  I have  been in two  different places  (Pensacola and Orlando)  and I love them both.  I remember when we went to Pensacola many years ago, I really  liked the house I've seen there.  I think, the only concern I would have if I am living  there is the   natural calamities that occurs every year.  But other than that, I would really love to live in Florida.  Just take a look at the photos above, who would be  there?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Lazy Day

I am taking my fur babies for a walk today, they have been inactive for months due to cold weather.  We will have a  little bit of warm weather today so it is a perfect day for them to  exercise their legs outside.
 These photos were taken in December.  The little mister is trying to design a rail road track while the migñons are "guarding" him.
No wait, they can't guard him because they are sleeping lol.   Ahhh nothing to do but to  take some snooze.  Such a lazy day  for them.
The walk went  mighty fine.  I took them  separately as I can't handle both of them together.  Will post some pics next time.

Capture Pod

Aside from gardening, Photography is one of my  favorite hobbies.  I grew up without a camera  and I never had any picture of  my childhood so I told myself that  I will try my best to take  pictures of  every milestones that my children has.  I am grateful that I  had the opportunity to own a camera and captured my  kids development, they are my favorite subject ever.  I think that my love of photography has been acquired by my daughter.  I was doing my fitness routine at our backyard yesterday and she took some pictures, the one below cracked me up.  Right now, she just clicks and clicks and does not pay attention of the background or anything lol. 
 I just thought that this is a funny  photo.
No matter where we go, I never forget my camera.  My husband  said that my body has a magnet for camera so every  time we go, the camera is with me.  We love going to a photo booth as well whenever we go to a  business establishments that offers it. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Boys

I was exhausted during the 12-day Spring break of the kids.  We were busy the whole time, making the house looks like chaos lol.  However, we had so much fun and they helped me clean up the house  the day before they went back to  school.  

The  fur babies were happy that the kids were home,  they have  someone to play with.  Our son  wrestle with the dogs most of the time.  Here are some  snapshots I took of the boys at home.
On the  bottom left corner, Champ was steering at his ball under the couch.  I think he was thinking that if he look at it hard enough, it will come out lol.  Have a purrfect weekend everyone.