Monday, December 30, 2013

Wild Rabbit

I was doing my  morning jog at our neighborhood  when I spotted this baby bunny.  I stopped running, took out my cellphone and I zoomed in so I could take a photo of him.  Zooming  the camera in my cellphone did not do justice so I started advancing towards him very slowly.

Oh bunny, oh bunny 
please don't hop away.
I am just seconds away, 
oh bunny please stay..
I am almost there
I'll be so happy if you stay.
Yippeeee bunny baby
Thank you for posing for me.

I thank God for this beautiful day!
~Chubskulit Rose~

Friday, December 20, 2013

Furr Babies at Play #jackrussellterrier

Winter  is here so  our dogs  are stuck inside the house.  Once in a while, we let them out and they chase each other  in the snow.  The p following photos were take  during the summer this year.  Our Jack Russell Terrier, Champ love  o play with this rubber ball so much.  He would do anything  just to get his balls.  I love challenging him so sometimes, I would hang the ball in our  crab apple and let him;  him get it.  It's a good exercise for him.
Believe me, he would not stop until he gets it even if he get so tired, he would end up grabbing his ball.  Now, Bolt could easily reach the ball because he is tall but he doesn't care about it, hall he cares about is his Frisbee.  I guess, dogs are just like humans with personal preferences on stuff.
Champ love playing goalie and he also love  catching the Frisbee.  How about you, do you have pets?  What do they like to do?

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Bumble Bee when Sleeping

I have a lot of plants in my garden that bumble bees love.  Sometimes you would see them sleeping inside  the flowers.  This  daylily is just one of them.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Humming Bird

We got inspired to buy a hummingbird's feeder because of the one that my FIL had in his back porch.  Since we have  one that  visits us once  in a while, we thought maybe he would hang out in our  porch more often if he sees it.

On the first day, nobody came but the next day, he came and the next day after that, and almost everyday, he would come.

I can't wait for the next summer so we could enjoy this   minute  fluttery bird.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dog Puzzle

One of my daughter's favorite favorite puzzle is the dog.  Every time she would do this, she would call our dogs and they would hang out with her  until she's done.  I find it really neat!

We have so many puzzles, there are complicated ones and there are also that are easy.