Friday, January 29, 2016

Kalahari Resort Critters

We enjoyed a brief moment  watching the critters outside or  out front of the Kalahari resort.  It's amazing how these ducks can tolerate the freezing water.
I  imagine that it's beautiful to walked around outdoors of th resort during summer time.  We hope to go back there sometimes when the weather is warm so we can enjoy the outdoors.

This was  displayed inside  the entrance .
...and this was  at the front of the resort..
will update this later.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

4 Things You Will Need If You Want To Own A Horse

Owning a horse is a tremendous responsibility, but horse owners maintain that the rewards far outweigh any work or risk involved. Horses are smart and powerful animals that can offer companionship for many years. Before you start looking for horses for sale in New Jersey, you should become familiar with the essential elements you will need to own a horse.

A horse is going to require your attention each and every day. Along with the regular grooming requirements horses have, your horse will also need to get exercise each day. Everything from feeding your horse to cleaning its stall requires time, and you should be prepared to invest that time if you want to have a happy and healthy horse.


Horses require a significant amount of space for their stalls, and to be able to run freely whenever they need exercise. A standard backyard in any city or suburban setting is not going to offer the kind of room you need to keep your horse comfortable. If you do not have the room on your own property for a horse, then you can use a boarding service to care for and board your horse in a place that has the required space.


A horse is like any other animal in that it takes time to get a horse to understand what you want it to do. While you may not have any intentions on entering your horse in horse shows, you still need the patience necessary to teach your horse basic tasks such as not breaking into a full gallop when all you want to do is go for a leisurely stroll.


The truth is that boarding a horse and getting a horse the necessary medical care it needs are expensive endeavors. Feeding a horse is also expensive, which is why we have the phrase "eating like a horse." If you want to own a horse, you should have the financial resources necessary to get your horse everything it needs to be happy and healthy.

A horse can be your pet, your companion and your friend. When your horse is cared for properly, it can offer you the escape you need from the stress of every day life. Before you buy a horse, you need to make sure that you can supply your horse with basic necessities such as land, food and medical care.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas Gift for our Jack Russel Terrier

Remember that Kong Holiday JUmbler that I reviewed few weeks back? We wrapped it for Champ even thoough h really wanted it the moment it arrived. We want him to open a gift too during Christmas and that's what we did.
Champ being a JRT is fearless unlike our  other dogBolt who is afraid of his own shadow.  With Champ, he loves  things that makes noises so the jumbler was a perfect toy for him.
I should have took a video of him when he was opening the box because he was really into it.
He eventually had it open which is really good because the  she box where we put it was hard.
He did it eventually and he couldn't be more excited when he saw what's inside.
This is his  new favorite toy to play with now.
We also got them a new bed padding for their crate and  they both love it since it's a bit thicker than the  former one that they have.
These  two has been  a great pets for us since we back from  my husband's last tour in Asia.  They are the biggest part of my husband's life after the Navy.
Dogs are like kids, they are a source of joy to any home.

A Quick Guide to Setting Up a Fishpond

We love all sorts of animals at Pets & Critters, and they don't have to be furry to be cute. Fish can be fascinating creatures to own, whether you have them indoors or outdoors. You might not be able to cuddle them or take them for walks, but they're incredible to watch. You can feed them and even stroke them if you're craving interaction. Building a pond outside is an excellent idea if you love fish. You get to add some pets to your family, and it makes the exterior of your home look beautiful too. Goldfish and koi are some of the most popular fish to put in a pond. If you'd like to add them to your family, here's how to set up your pond.

Size and Location

A pond with fish in it needs to be a reasonable size to give your fish a happy life. The water needs to have enough oxygen for the fish, so it needs to be big enough. And, of course, the fish need space to swim around! You'll have to consider how wide and deep your pond is going to be before you install it. Hopefully, you have a suitable spot in mind. Some things to think about include any debris that could fall into the water. A pond under trees could require a lot of maintenance. Pond plants will need plenty of sunlight, so if you're planting some, keep your pond out of the shade.
What Sort of Fish?

What kind of fish should you put in your pond? Koi carp and goldfish are two popular choices for keeping outside. There are a few factors to take into account when you choose. Koi are bigger and so need more space, and they will also eat almost any plant. If you decide on koi, you should be careful about your plant selection. Your next issue might be where to buy your fish. It might surprise you that you can find goldfish and koi fish for sale online. You order them over the internet, and they will be safely delivered to you when you're ready for them. Of course, you can also visit a pet shop or perhaps a garden center.
Plants in Your Pond

Putting plants in your pond is an excellent idea, both for aesthetic and practical reasons. Plants look beautiful, but they also help to keep your pond and fish healthy. They help to filter the water, and some types of plants can oxygenate the pond too. So putting in plants will reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do. It's best to do some reading about which plants will thrive in your pond before buying any.
Pond Maintenance and Safety

Once your pond is set up, you need to look after it. Plants and the positioning of your pond will help to reduce maintenance. However, you will still have to care for it. Many people choose to put some netting over their pond to stop things getting in. It's also a good idea to use a sturdy cover if there are pets and small children around. You don't want anyone falling in.

A pond can be an awesome addition to your outdoor space. It's good for the environment, and it can attract frogs and other amphibians too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Savory Sizzlers: Homestyle #DogTreats #ProductReview

Winter hinders our dogs to play outside so we  give them some activities inside the house on a regular basis so that they would still be active even on cold days.  My daughter  teaches them some tricks and my husband would let them run around our  living room, dining room, and kitchen.  I have been trying to  teach them how to walk in the treadmill but they don't seem to grasp the idea lol.  
Since my daughter has been  trying to teach them tricks like rolling over, sitting, and shaking hands, I thought that these savory sizzlers  which is a homestyle dogtreats from  Blue Buffalo Kitchen Cravings will be great to motivate the dogs to learn the tircks.  There are different flavors available for ths treat  but I  got them the pork and chicken ones.
Just look at the faces of these two, they really listen attentively in anticipation for their treat.   My daughter  find so much fun in training them although she gets frustrated at times when theydon't listen but now that she has treats, it seems to be working out so well. 
Here's my husband  giving them their teats after they run around in circles for almost  ten minutes.  Not only it gives the dogs exercise, it also gives my husband an exercise.  Of all the treats we gave them so far, these are  their favorite.  They looks like bacon and they smell  so good.
You can get these treats at for $6.99 per pack.  I am sure that your fur babies would sure to enjoy this.  I really like the selection of products from Chewy because they are all made from  real meat and veggies.  All of the products are made in the USA which  is awesome.  Check them out and  don't forget to  set up your autoship to enjoy an additional 20% off your orders.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Doggie Daycare

Winter is officially here, it's been snowing since last night.  The school is closed today due to the weather.  I am a little bit concern   for the weekend because we are suppose to take our kids to  an indoor amusement park and if it's going to  snow, we might not be able to go.  We booked  our trip last week and we based the weather on the  scheduled forecast, hopefully it won't change.  We will be celebrating our son's 9th birthday and it would be nice  to push through despite the cold weather.
 We still haven't decided where to  pit our  two fur babies while we were gone.  I wish Doggie daycare cincinnati ohio is nearby so we can  put them there.  We will only be gone  for  few hours so I think  they will be okay.  
I am so glad that we trained our dogs so well.  They sleep downstairs in their  crate so when it's night time and they are ready to go to bed, they scratch on the door  and wants to go down.  Whenever we have to leave, they  go down there without us telling them.  They know when we put our coats on that they have to go in their crate.  We love these two fur babies, they are  very loving especially Bolt.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Vanellope von Schweetz into Penelope

 We named  the female  guinea pig that we recently adopted after one of the character's in Wreck it Ralp, Vanellope von Schweetz,  only we changed it into Penelope.  We adopted her from a friend's friend  who gave her up due to allergies.  We got her on the 21st of November  and our children were delighted to have nother one.
Our male guinea pig, Dunkin, was just starting to warm up with her  but she suddenly passed away.  We  were worried about her when we gfirst got her because she  doesn't seem to drink a lot of water compared to our male GP.  We thought, it was normal since she was a different kind/breed.  
I think she was already sick when we got her because she wasn't as active as Dunkin.
 These were the last photos that we took when she was  still alive.  She died on the 20th of December, my kids were deastated.
 They were very fond of her because she look like the  bunny that we had and  just recently died as well. 
 I don't really know what went wrong.  We came to feed her on that morning and saw that she was dead.
 Dunkin, miss her for sure.
 It was fun watching both of thm chase each other.
 It was a month of joy having her.  Too bad, she died so quickly and did not stay with us  for so long.  My husband burried her beside the  bunnies' grave in our backyard.
 We only had her for a short period of time but  it still made us sad  when she passed.
 We noticed that now that she's gone, Dunkin seem to  look for more attention from us.  He cries every time he hears a noise in the house,
 My son wants a new  guinea pig to replace Penelope but I told him we will give it a time.  It is hard when  a pet dies.
 I hope that Dukin will live longer than Penny did.
 He loves that attention that we give him every time.  HIs favorite is  our daughter as he always  crawls by her neck every time she picks him up.
 I have been trying to  give him some other tyype of greens but he would only eat lettuce.
 I see some videos online where their  guinea pis eat other fruit and veggies butours doesn't want any but lettuce.  He used to  reject lettuce too but  I was persistent.
 Now he loves it.
 I feel bad that he doesn't have  a playmate anymore.
Goodbye Penekope!