Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bunny is House-Trained

During winter season, we   bring our bunny inside the house.  Somebody suggested that bunnies can be house-trained so we gave it a try.  We bought  a litter, put it in an empty cardboard box and we showed him where to go when he needs to  do his business.  After  a couple of days of doing that, he learned   it and now he is fully house-trained.  

He still go in his cage though during night time  to sleep because we don't him running around the house while we sleep.  Anyhow, I gave him a bath  last week which he did not mind at first. Drying his fur bothered him, he spent  the whole day trying to  fluff them back up.  I also helped him by blowing the  hair dryer but the sound  bothered him.
Having a bunny is great.  They are easy to take care of.  The kids love to play with him.  They even  include them when they are studying.
It's been 4 years since we have Wubzy.  We got him at a Tractor supply that sells bunnies.  A year after that, we got him a girlfriend, Matilda.  She died  a year after that.  It's weird to note that when Matilda died, Wubzy's grief was so intense that he tried to attack us  a couple of times.  He did not have anything to do with us for a couple of days but then he came around and we made  up.  I know that dogs grieves when somebody in the family dies but I did not know that rabbits  do that as well.  Here is a short  video that my daughter recorded when he was eating  cereal, he begs us for cereal every time we are in the kitchen.