Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cray Fishing

We always try to go cray gushing whenever we take the kids to Tomlinson Run.  It's a fun activity for  all of us.  We catch them  and then release them again  at the end of our journey.  It's one of those activities that my children both enjoy doing.  
 These cray fish are hard to catch because they are fast.  The kids see a challenge in doing it that's why they  do it.  They are very competitive so both of them wants to see their  skill in catching one.
 Having a bucket helps  in catching them as you don't have to use yuir hands to catch them.  You can just scoop them, still not easy to do though.
 Here showing you how the cray fish retaliated and bit  EJ's  hand when he was about to release them back to the water.
No cray fish was harmed in  doing this activity.  I love that both of our children enjoy this kind  activity.  Hubby and I   always  feel the joy in our hearts  watching our kids work together toward achieving the same goal.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Big Doggy Smiles: Maintaining Your Pup's Teeth

It’s impossible to be in a good mood when you’ve got toothache, and that applies just as much to dogs as it does to humans. Although dogs are less prone to cavities than we are, canine dental health is still very important to keep your pup healthy and happy. Over 80% of dogs have some level of dental damage by the time they turn three – here are some tips to help prevent that.
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Buy A Toothbrush And Doggy Toothpaste
Make sure you don’t use human toothpaste. Usually this contains fluoride, which dogs are extremely allergic to. Instead, purchase toothpaste formulated for dogs at a pet store.

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Caring For Your Puppy’s Teeth
Get your puppy used to having his or her mouth opened while you check and gently brush its teeth – this will make it easier to do so when your dog’s an adult. Like humans, dogs have and lose baby teeth, and usually by the time they’re around seven months old all their adult teeth will be in place. Make sure your vet checks this out – baby teeth that don’t fall out can cause your dog pain and discomfort.
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How To Brush Your Adult Dog’s Teeth
If your dog isn’t used to having its teeth brushed, it might not enjoy the experience. Choose a time when your dog is tired out after a long walk, and make sure you stop if he or she gets upset. Add a few seconds on every time you do it, so eventually you can get around to brushing all of your dog’s teeth. Try to make a game out of it, and reward your pup with a treat afterwards for good behaviour.

Choose Good Food For Your Dog
Dry food is better than wet for dental hygiene. Even if your dog refuses to allow you to brush its teeth, you can use crunchy kibble to improve its teeth. Wet food tends to stick more to the teeth and cause a greater amount of decay. Try to learn more about your dog’s dietary needs so you can provide the food it needs to be happy and healthy. Chew toys and synthetic bones are also great for strengthening your dog’s teeth, so try to pick one up from the pet store every now and then. You can also buy dental biscuits for your dog, which helps take care of his or her molars, which are hard to reach with a toothbrush.

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What Happens If My Dog Is Suffering From Dental Disease?
It’s often hard to pick up, since dogs are good at masking pain from their owners. If your vet points it out, make sure you get treatment for your dog as soon as possible. If untreated, it can lead to pain for your dog along with tooth extractions, bad breath, and, in severe cases, bacteria entering the bloodstream and making its way to the vital organs, which can make your dog very sick. If you get it treated as early as possible, treatment will also be cheaper! There are also water additives that you can talk to your vet about – these can be added to your pup’s water bowl and they’ll reduce tartar build-up in the future.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello Puppy! The Best Ways To Look After The New Addition To Your Family

It’s such an exciting time welcoming a new puppy into your family on that first day! Expect lots of cooing and cuddles and lots of cheeky antic from your new best friend too. But for those first few days, your puppy will probably be feeling a little anxious too. It will be baby’s first time away from his Mom and brothers and sisters. And he will be in totally new surrounds. So here are some top tips on the best ways to look after the new addition to your family. For extra tips on caring for your pet, follow the click.

Meeting The Vet

One of the first trips you and your puppy will take together is to the vet. Make sure to choose a reputable company and preferably a recommendation from friends that are pet owners. Your puppy will certainly be spending some time here, so you want him to feel safe and secure.

Get Him Chipped And Insured

Make sure your pet is microchipped. This is the best chance you have of being reunited with your dog if he gets lost. All dogs over the age of eight weeks old should be microchipped so make sure your breeder has carried this out. And of course, don’t forget to get your puppy insured. If your puppy gets sick or is injured, insurance can help reduce the cost of medical bills and medication. There are many different types of pet insurance so check out this great resource to help you choose the right type for your puppy.

Toys And Crates

You’ll want to have lots of soft and chewy toys ready at your home for when your puppy arrives. A teething puppy is going to want to chew. So invest in lots of chew toys or say goodbye to your dining room furniture and your shoes! Have a mixture of different textures so your puppy can get lots of play in. You’ll probably also want to introduce your puppy to a crate for sleeping and training. But make sure in the first few weeks to keep the crate in a social area of the house. Puppies don’t like to be alone when they are very young. You may not be able to take your puppy outside for walks yet but it’ still a good idea to get him used to his collar and lead. So start practicing in the house instead.

ID Tag And Socialisation

When it’s time to take your puppy for walks, you’ll also want to teach him to socialize with other animals and people. Joining a puppy training class is a great idea at this stage. And also don’t forget to buy him a funky ID tag for his collar! Puppy wants to look stylish too!

Food and Treats

Make sure you get the right puppy food for your dog's developmental stage. It is important to keep your dog healthy with the right nutrition and oral hygiene. You’ll also want to get tasty puppy treats in for training and just because you love him and can’t resist!   

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Selecting Horse Equipment and Rider Apparel

Do you love the freedom that you get when you ride a horse? If this is the case, you are certainly not alone. Owning a horse is a big responsibility. You need to make sure that you have the proper equipment in order to make sure that your horse is always protected when you are riding it. You will also need to get yourself some riding apparel if you do not already have some of your own. There are numerous retailers that sell these items. However, they can be very different in the selection they offer and the prices they charge. Here is how you can go about buying the best rider apparel and horse equipment.

1. Ask some of your friends who ride horses to give you the name of the store where they buy these items.

Friends or family members who are also horse riders will be good people to ask for help when you are trying to find the best place to go shopping for all of your horse product needs. These people know you and they will not have any ulterior motive to get you to shop at a certain store. Therefore, you can trust their recommendations. Find out if they know any good places where you can buy girls riding pants.

2. Are all of the biggest any most popular brands represented?

Ideally, you want to do all of your shopping at a store that offers a large selection of the most popular horse equipment and riding apparel brands. This is not always the case in many of the stores that are out there. You will discover that many retailers have contracts with certain companies that prevent them from selling products made by their competitors. Therefore, these stores will not be able to offer you the huge selection that some of the other retailers will have.

3. How long do you have to test the equipment that you buy?

You should only buy your horse equipment from a retailer that gives you a suitable amount of time to test out the items you purchase. A saddle is an example of horse equipment that needs to be broken in before you can be absolutely certain that you want to keep it. You might buy a saddle and discover later that it is not comfortable. Verify the amount of time the store will give you to return your purchases.