Friday, November 28, 2014

A Growing Family of Elephants at Pittsburgh Zoo

One of the many animals at Pittsburgh Zoo that we adore are the elephants.  Watching how  they interact to each other makes me truly believe that they are super loving.   I have watched different videos of elephants and they are pretty amazing.  One of those videos is the elephant who saved the little girl from  a tornado  when she and her family was vacationing in Thailand.  She was riding on the elephant  when a tornado was approaching.  The elephant sense the danger and  get our from the water and went to the  safe place.  I also watch a video where the elephant knows how to pain and the others were dancing.
I love that the zoo documented the growing family of the elephant.
 It is so beautiful watching them.  We got to see how they eat and play tricks.  I will let the photos below do the talking.  Enjoy.
My daughter was pretty amazed of how big their teeth are.  

Going to the zoo is  very educational.  You learn so many things about certain animals that you don't get to see everyday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Training Your Dog

Why is training important?
Dogs are born with their own unique needs and instincts. They communicate between each other differently to how we do, and many of their behaviors are very different to human ones. When a dog or puppy goes to a new home, everything that have known so far, no longer exists. They need to be taught how they can fit in with our lifestyles, whilst learning about their needs and trying to accommodate them.  If you don’t take the time to properly train your dog, how can you expect him to behavior properly and do as he is told?
Training a dog or puppy teaches it what is expected of it. What it can and can’t do and what are acceptable behaviors. Without this guidance, it is mad to expect a dog to behavior appropriately, as it has not been taught how to.
How to create a bond
Regardless of how old your dog is or what breed it is, he or she can benefit from understanding your leadership and following your training. Whether you are hoping for a wonderfully turned out show dog or a friendly family pet, the recipe for success is essentially the same. The bond you create with your dog, will be the key to successfully training them – if your dog trusts you, it will be happy to follow you.
How to start
Begin by teaching your dog some basic skills. Teach him how to sit, stay, walk on a lead, heel, and great people and other dogs respectfully. You must also teach him to be confident with people and not to growl or bark or guard his food or toys.
If you struggle to do this on your own, you can hire a dog trainer or take your dog to training classes at a training centre. A puppy  training center offers you the chance to learn how to successfully socialize your dog with other dogs and their owners, as well as providing all the training you will need for your pet. To keep your dog’s training up to date, you need to reinforce it regularly and practice every day. Use treats to reinforce good behavior, if your dog sits when he is told give him a treat.
Ensure you keep it up
Once you puppy is fully trained and no longer requires a trainer or puppy classes, it is important to ensure that you still keep his training going. Ensure that you are consistent with the training methods you use. If you always give him a treat when he sits on demand, continue to do so. This will reinforce what he has already learnt.
Get into a routine

A simple routine is an excellent way of keeping your dog happy and content. From day one, choose where he will sleep and be consistent with it. Have two set meal times for your dog, don’t change or alter these unless absolutely necessary. To keep him entertained give him lots of toys and his own bed to sleep in. If you are out at work all day, toys  are an excellent way of keeping him active. Toys with holes for treats can provide hours of entertainment for your dog and are an excellent way of knowing he has something to keep him occupied whilst you are out.

The Butterfly Waited for the Kids

I captured these photos of the butterfly on the very first day of school this year.  The butterfly seemed to enjoy the warm weather.  She stayed on the wall of our patio for a very long time that day.  
I took the photos when my kids were still in school and I was hoping that she would still be there when they come home.  So when my kids arrived, I told them about the butterfly so they went out and were delighted to see her still there.

Preventing Flea and Ticks: Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Your dog deserves the best. So, when it comes to their health, you need to be aware of some common problems. Your home can be the cleanest in the land, but your dog will still be susceptible to fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things that dog owners have to put up with.

While the very thought of fleas and ticks is enough to make anyone itch, there are some great ways that you can keep your dog happy. You don’t have to worry that your dog is unhappy and unhealthy as a result of these troublesome parasites.

While summer may be prime time for fleas and ticks, some of these pesky critters can be seen in winter too.  Your dog doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Here is your one-stop guide to preventing fleas and ticks.

What Are Fleas and Ticks?

Both ticks and fleas are parasites that live within your dog’s fur. They nestle themselves into warm areas of your dog. Usually, they settle around the legs, neck and ears. They then feed off their dead skin and blood. This can be irritating for your dog. While these parasites are not dangerous, they can have an impact on your dog’s health if they are left untreated.

Spotting the Signs of Ticks and Fleas

There are some common signs associated with fleas and ticks.

Fleas: If your dog is scratching at the fur, this is a clear sign of a problem. Fleas will lay eggs in the hair. These are tiny white specks and are hard to spot. But, if these are accompanied by black specks or dark red specks, this is a sure sign of flea droppings.

Ticks: As ticks are large, you will locate them with ease. You will see them around the head, ears and paws. Sometimes, they can appear the eyes and mouth .so if you spot one you need to remove it immediately. Use tweezers to make sure that they are killed.

Preventative Measures

When it comes to protecting your dog’s health, prevention is always better than cure. What is more, you can easily prevent flea and ticks using a wide range of home medications.


Shampoos are one of the most effective ways of combating fleas and ticks. Make sure that you bathe your dog regularly and administer the shampoo while they are bathing. The chemicals within the shampoo are not harmful to your dog, but they are detrimental to fleas and ticks. This can be a preventative measure to take, but it can also act as a cure for existing fleas. The best way to get rid of fleas is to kill them immediately.

Oral Medication

Oral medication may be easier to administer if your hound does not like going in the bath. Make sure that you put the medicine into their feed and follow the course as prescribed on the medication. This is a useful measure in keeping parasites at bay.


Dips are strong chemicals that are applied to the dog’s fur. While your canine cannot be hurt by the chemicals, do use caution when using this solution. The strong chemical stops ticks from feeding off your dog. These are very effective forms of treatment. Use twice per year for maximum effect.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


On November 4th evening, our dogs were freaking out chasing something from the  crab apple tree.  My husband  called me and told me that they are trying to  catch something outside so I went out with my camera and here is what I saw from the branch of the apple tree.
 A baby opossum!  This is my very first time seeing this critter. I was afraid that he would somehow figure out how to open the door to our rabbit's cage so I chased him away.
 To be honest, I was scared of this critter, he look scary.
 Opossum reminds me of big rats that's why I am kind of gross out.
 His eyes were scary as well.
 He was sitting comfortably on one of the branches of our  crab apple tree.
 On the 15th, he came back again but since our rabbit is already inside our house, he went straight to the garbage can.  
Our Jack Russel really lit him up but I stopped him from attacking this guy because I was afraid that he might bite Champ and  the possibility of getting a rabies is not good.
 He ran away from  our dogs and climbed on my potted plants on top of of the porch sill.
 Our dog finally got hold of him  and Champ was really swinging him back and forth  but I stopped Champ again coz I though the  Opossum is already dead.  He was acting dead  and he totally fooled me.  
I told my husband to pick him up and put it in a trash bag.  Hubby said that he is just playing dead and he was right.  A couple of minutes after we got inside the house, he took off lol.

How to Make Sure Your Cat is Happy and Healthy

While your cat may be something of an elusive creature, you will want to make sure that they are happy and healthy while they are in your care. After all, a beloved family pet is not something that should be ignored. They should be an integral part of the family. For cats, they like to have independence. But, they also like to be played with and made to feel welcome. In short, cats are complex creatures. But, once you know how to look after them properly and make them happy, they will soon be a part of the family in a very real way.

1tgoqnksel4y5o9klijpvjz33j00im4mTips for a Happy Cat

Food and Drink

When it comes to matters of feeding, you need to make sure that you are using different dishes for water and good. Typically, a cat will enjoy eating and drinking in different places. So, keep their water and food bowls at other ends of the kitchen. This means that they can have a separate space that will keep them happy. Make sure that you are refreshing their water bowl twice per day. No cat should have to drink dirty or dusty water.

Dietary Needs

Your cat will enjoy eating wet food. Some cats prefer to eat tins of tuna and other fish-based foods. This is an excellent way of making sure that your cats are looked after. Mix up their diets and keep them healthy. But, you should always strive to have a bowl of dry mix in the kitchen too. This should be left for them to nibble at when they please. Cats are free-feeders. By doing this, you will reduce their need to eat elsewhere. What is more, you won’t end up with a kitchen full of prey.

Toilet Habits

Your cat will want to have a clean, dry environment to go the bathroom within; you need to make sure that you are providing this. Some cats like to go outside. But, others prefer to do it in the litter tray or box. According to cats, are happiest when they have a litter tray that is equipped for their particular needs. This means that you need to buy a large tray so that your cat does not tread in their waste. They don’t like this as they are clean animals in the main. So, make sure that you are suiting your cat’s needs and providing them with a toilet that they will love. What is more, you need to clean out their litter box twice per day. This is because cats like to be clean. If they don’t have a clean place to do their business, they will feel distressed. So, make sure that you are doing your bit and cleaning up after your kitty. 

Interacting With Your Cat

Did you know that cats can become depressed if they are not given enough attention? Make sure that you take the time to pet your cat. This may be in the form of grooming or just having them on your lap for a cuddle. Make sure that you pay your cat lots of attention.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

African Lion

We love watching National Geographic on TV.  You can learn so much about animals  and then when you go to the zoo, it always reminds you of what  you have seen on TV. 
I took some photos of this African Lion when we visited  the Pittsburgh Zoo this year.  My kids were still little when we visited  there the last time.  Now that they are bigger, they appreciated it everything a lot more.  Plus, we don't have to carry them lol.
 This  lion was just relaxing on his den.  He was kind of  hiding  away from  all the people but I am glad I brought my other lens that day and I was able to capture  him from afar.
I think, lions and tigers are the scariest animals.  They are strong and fast.
 According to  National Geographic, lions are only cats that live in groups and they are called pride.  I only see two  lions in Pittsburgh Zoo.  I imagine that they get lonely not seeing many of them.
Look how sad his eyes are.

How To Stop Your Dog Having Little Accidents

If you have a dog, there will be occasions when your dog can't control his or her bladder. When your dog has a little accident, your initial reaction might be to punish him or her. If these accidents become a common occurrence in your home, you need to do something about it. There will be an underlying reason for the accidents, and you need to figure out what it is. Dealing with a dog who urinates in your home is difficult, but it is something you need to do.
Don't shout at your dog

Often, when a dog has an accident, it is because he or she is nervous. If you shout at your dog for what happened, it will make the situation worse. You might be angry about the situation, but you should not take it out on your dog. Instead, send your dog to his or her naughty corner while you clean up the mess he or she has made.

Make sure that your dog feels secure

One of the main reasons that dogs start to have accidents is because they don't feel secure in your home. Does your dog have a place where he or she feels comfortable? Dog beds are great for dogs who feel insecure. Having a space that is theirs and theirs alone will make a huge difference to the way your dog behaves. Make sure that you create a 'safe space' for your dog where he or she will not have to fear anything.

Figure out what has changed

Has something changed in your household? Tiny changes in your home can make a huge difference to your dog. For example, if you have started using a new laundry powder or perfume, your dog will know. Dogs are sensitive to small changes, particularly smells. It could be that your dog was trying to mark his or her territory by urinating in a certain area. Investigate and see whether there have been any changes in your home. If a friend's dog came into your house, your dog will still be able to smell it. The scent will threaten your dog's territory.
Give your dog the comfort he or she needs

When your dog is nervous, he or she needs a lot of attention and comfort. Rather than berating your dog for his or her accidents, try and provide your dog with some comfort. Give your dog extra attention and love. It might be that your dog is suffering from anxiety or stress. If you leave your dog at home alone for much of the day, you need to ensure that he or she gets attention from you when you get home.
Consider your dog’s age

As dogs get old, they lose control over their bladder. That is a natural part of the aging process. If your dog is twelve years old or more, he or she could be experiencing incontinence. That means that you dog has no control over when he or she urinates. If that is the case, there are some things you can do. You might need special medication for your dog so that he or she can deal with the issue. 

Take your dog to the vets

If you think that age might be the problem, you should take your dog to the vets so that a professional can check for you. It is wise to do this sooner rather than later so that you can deal with the problem as quickly as possible. Sometimes pet owners fail to realize when their dog has a medical issue. If your dog doesn't seem to have control over his or her bladder, that is a real problem.