Saturday, June 19, 2021

In Memory of Bolt, Our Super Loving Dog : 2012 - 2021

 Rest in Peace Bolt.  May 30, 2012 - June 19, 2021

Today was a tough day for my family.  We had to put one of our fur babies to sleep.  He started to get sick around  January and we didn't really think anything of it until mid February when he first started vomiting.  We brought him to the vet and he just prescribed him some medication which it didn't help at all.  We brought him back there again and this time they did  some blood work done.  He tested positive on Lyme's disease.  They gave him four  kinds of medications and we were hopeful that he will get better but he just went downhill.    He lost his appetite and every time he would eat, it would just come out few minutes after.  I felt so bad because he loved to eat prior to getting sick.  It was hard watching him withered away.  He lost half of his body weight and he looked so thin already.  
I talked to my husband when his vomiting got frequent and he is no longer the lively dog  that we had.  I told him that we need to decided whether to prolong his life in agony or end his suffering all together.  My husband was still holding out hope because Bolt was his favorite dog.  Bolt chose him to be his human although I was the one who picked him.  My husband cried so hard, we all did, but I think it impacted my husband very much.  Bolt would always wait for him by the window when he is coming home from work.  My daughter had so many videos recording of him getting so excited when she tells him that "Dad is coming."

During the last few days,  he was still dong stuff with us but you can tell that he was in agony.  He never failed to sit beside my husband on the front porch and he was able to go with us on a long walk a couple of times.  These last few days though, we tried to take him for a walk and he only made one block and he couldn't go on so we just turned around and came back home. 
It's so sad to see somebody (even for a dog) not being able to do the things that they love.  Bolt loved walking, he was very passionate about it and to see him not able to complete his journey was heartbreaking.    I feel so guilty putting him to sleep but we didn't want him to suffer anymore.  

As we were driving to the vet this morning, he made a couple of whimpers,  I started crying because to me it was like him telling us that he did not want to go yet.  We told him were very sorry and that we didn't to see him in pain anymore.  

The vet offered cremation but I told my husband that I want to bury him in our backyard that way I could visit him every time I am out gardening.  He wasn't my gardening buddy but he could watch over me when I a  out there doing my thing.  We buried him underneath the red bud tree.  I made a little grave marker for him and put his collar around it and attach it to the tree.

It was May 30, 2012 when we adopted Bolt, he was one of the six puppies from our neighbors.  I picked him because of all the puppies, he was just sitting on the corner watching his siblings play and I thought, he will be a perfect companion for our super hyper Jack Russell Terrier, Champ.  He was always observing other dogs which attracted me the most.  His mild demeanor was what drawn me to him.  

Things that we will miss about Bolt ;

Best Walking Buddy

We are going to miss him terribly especially on our walks.  He love to go on a walk, he was official my partner in walking.  He knew where the leash was.  When hears the words walk, go, leash, or let's go, he gets so excited.  We love taking him on a walk because he never bothered anybody.  He won't bark unless he feels threatened.  

Best Family Dog Model

When we would take family pictures, he would always pose in front of us and it was like he knew.  We always thought that maybe he was a model in his previous life.  Our Jack Russell doesn't really get the photo shoot thing but Bolt was always on it.

Best Porch Sitting Buddy

My husband loves to unwind in the front porch after a long day at work and Bolt was always with him.  When my husband is outside and he is inside, Bolt let us know that he wants to be with Dad.  I feel bad that this Father's day will be one of his saddest, we be able to celebrate it with his buddy.

Best Hugger

Bolt loved to hug, he would hug us every chance he gets.  He woke me up last night and was just sitting in front of me so I got up and went down the bed.  I just hugged him tight and rubbed his belly until he fell back to sleep.  This last few days was the worst he has been.  He couldn't get comfortable.  He would walk around the bedroom and woke us up.  Sometimes he would throw up and most of the times whimpering.  I will miss his side hugs.

Great Judge of Character

I mentioned earlier that he is the most mild and well mannered dog.  He doesn't bother anyone but from time to time, he would let us know not to trust someone.  They say, dogs can always  tell whose bad and whose not.  He got along with all of neighbors except one guy, which says a lot.  We're not judging, we just thought that Bolt was warning us about him.

Quirky Things He Does
He always protects his other paw when he laid down.  He doesn't want this left paw be held either.  I always admired how he always put his two front paws like this.  

Another thing I will miss about him is his "Happy Tail", it was always wagging when he is with us.

Farewell Bolt, watch over us and thank you once again for all the memories you spent with us.  You will be missed greatly but glad you are no longer in pain.  We love you Buddy!

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