Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great Scrapbooking ideas for your family

Scrapbooking is a great way to document memories but also make it look pretty. You can have a theme that ties into the photo. It adds an element of style and really personalises the final touches. All it takes is some cheap rubber stamps, paint, calligraphy pens, paper, material, glitter, beads and a photo album. You can use pretty much anything, even plants from your own garden. Get creative! The following article lists some great ideas for your scrap book.


Imagine a page devoted to your family portrait but with a spin. Turn this classic photo into something humorous with family inside jokes. List the top ten announcements that will make this crowd, your family, cheer wildly. The layout would be including a photo of your family or friends (because friends are family too) and a list of ten things or more that people could say to make them go crazy. It’s a really unique approach and quite personal. It could as simple as listing a favourite television show, just get creative. You know your friends and family best after all.

Day in my life

Day in my life pages are a fantastically humorous way to document holiday photos. Don’t you wish that an average day of your life included a stroll along a Bali beach? Well you can pretend at the very least. Don’t just share the photo; share the things that were said in the day too.

Generation Gap

Have a little fun by showing the gap between the parents and kids in the family. You can share how trends have changed by including pictures of you when you were a teenager and then your children today. This is a then and now inspired idea.

New Year’s

Instead of documenting the highlights of the night, try documenting the hilariously bad situation. You’ll need to use humour for this to work. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a New Year’s Eve celebration; it can be any party situation. This is merely a suggestion. We all have that one awkward experience we witness at a party. This is normally the story we all discuss the next day, so why not make a joke about it and scrap book it.


Christmas is the biggest family holiday. It is all about quality family time and creating great family memories.

Family traditions

If you are putting together a family scarp book, include a list of your traditions. It may help explain some of the photos to. It’s a great way to add an individual touch but also a personal one. Think of things that you like to do as your family on a holiday. Simple things like Sunday breakfast, making breakfast, Christmas morning rituals and Sunday roast dinner.

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