Monday, January 27, 2014


This moth  came inside our home, I let him crawl in my finger and he stayed there.  He never offered to fly until we release him outside.  I always admire those moths that are beautiful.  We used to see them when we were still in South Korea.

Pet Resort & Spa

As anyone who is a companion to a cat knows, cats have discriminating tastes. When it comes to choosing a boarding location for your cat, you should approach it in much the same manner as you do the selection of the hotel where you plan to stay. Your cat will appreciate receiving the most compassionate and attentive care possible. The comfort level of the boarding location is certainly a priority. You know your cat will want a quiet, cozy place free of disturbing noises so that they can get their much-desired amount of napping time.

Cats enjoy observing any and everything around them during their waking moments. Just like you, they would like a room that has a window with a view so that they can check out what's going on. Special treats, extra individualized attention and toys are amenities that will take your cat's vacation destination to a higher level of elegance.

Cats do expect the royal treatment both at home and away from home. To assure that your cat will enjoy the vacation location you choose for it, you can visit  this site to see the many ways your cat can be pampered while it is being boarded. Sometimes, it can be an emotionally stressful time when you have to board your cat while you are away having fun. Knowing that they are getting the opportunity to enjoy a stay at a luxury pet resort can ease your conscious and satisfy your cat's desire to be pampered.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pet Check Up

Our fur babies check up is coming up son.  Their veterinarian  sends us  reminders whenever it's time for shots.  I like their card reminders too, they are so cute that I put them in our dog records lol.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dog Collars

There are many great uses for technology that have been helpful to society, but one that many people are not aware of are  electronic dog collars. There are many versions of this device, but the basic principle is that a collar is fitted with an electronic transmitter. This communicates with a handheld device used by the dog owner. The device not only transmits information such as the dog’s location but it can also produce a vibration or a sound that the dog will feel or hear. 
This signal is valuable in training a dog in many environments and applications. Exactly how the training is done is left up to the owner, but the device gives the dog owner the capability to train his or her pet to respond to commands at a distance. Depending upon the range of the machine, this can be as great as one mile. This type of distance makes it a popular device for hunters that use their dogs for retrieving. 

They are not just good for hunters; people with dogs at home can teach their pet not to bark at night with a signal from the remote device. They can also be of aid to those with service dogs. Many people may have trouble locating their dog when they need it, but with the push of one button, the dog can be taught to go to its master. The transmission signals of the collars can also be used to locate a dog that has gotten loose from the yard or simply cannot be located. The applications of these collars are wide ranging and may have use for you and your dog. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bonding with our Canine

During winter, I seldom take my dogs for a walk because the weather is just unbearable for my thin body (excuses lol.. but its true, I easily get cold).  But anyhow, these photos were taken last year when my  daughter got a day off from school  after they had their first communion.  We decided to take our minions for a walk at our neighborhood.  We let them run around the  baseball field by St. Joseph Church.

I am sure that our furr babies missed this a lot as well.  I can't wait for the warm weather again.  Winter is almost halfway done so hopefully, Spring will be here soon.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Year of the Horse

The year of the Snake is over (Thanks goodness!) and we welcome the year of the Horse for 2014.  May this year bring all of us good luck,  peace, and prosperity.
Since it is the year of the horse, I am sharing you these photos I took of my kids riding a horse over the years.

Taken at one of the  farms  where we got lost down in West Virginia while 
on our way to visit my FIL's sister.
These were taken in Janoski's Farm.
It would be nice to live in a farm with cows and horses.

Happy New Year of the Horse everyone!