Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Polar Bear

The Polar Bear was playing hide and seek with us when we visited Pittsburgh Zoo this year.  My daughter wanted to see it but he was hiding.  While waiting for the Polar bear to come out, I took a picture of my daughter  outside.
 There he is relaxing.  He didn't want to entertain guests that day.
 Another  photo opp inside the  PPG and Aquarium.
Thanks to the Zoo, we are able to see this beautiful animals that we don't normally see everyday.
Shadow Shots

The Basics Of Training Any Dog

Any dog owner will know that your dog is your best friend. They are your partner in crime and loyal companion. Training your pet dog can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You slowly learn to communicate with your furry critter and your relationship grows stronger. Training is the key to a happy, well behaved dog and it is important to start early in their life.

The earlier they adopt the basics of training, the easier your life will be. Dogs are creatures of habit, and the sooner they learn, the better. It is much harder to teach them later on in life. There is one important thing you need to understand before we begin. It is a lesson we learnt from dog expert Sheila Harper. You need to understand that training your dog is not about dominating it. It is about communicating. Think of yourself as a friend, not as a commander.

Firstly, it is important to choose a dog that suits your lifestyle. If your little one (or big one) fits your life, they will be much happier and easier to train. For example, if you choose a large, energetic dog, it won’t be happy in small, tower block apartment. It will get restless and grow angry. The first step to training a dog is making sure that they are happy and respect you. Each breed has its own personality and temperament too. Some are easier to train than others. If you’re a newbie at training, choose a Labrador or a German Shepherd.

Training a dog isn’t something that just happens. They won’t instinctively start to sit, or follow you. These skills must be taught. This means setting aside a small portion of time every day to teach them. The key to good training is repetition and frequency. The basics can be taught during their daily routine. Practice the heel command every morning on their walk. Practice the sit command every night when they go to bed. Keep a routine that they can understand.

Make sure that everyone in the family understands the training techniques and goals. Children, in particular, can get carried away when the big fur ball is bouncing around! Make sure they know that treats are only to be used as rewards. Make sure they know to use the dog’s correct name and how to say the basic commands. If you have family round, make sure they know when they can feed the dog and when they can’t. Simple disruptions to routine can play havoc with their training.

Always remember to reward success. Most animals don’t respond well to negative reinforcement. This is especially true in rescue dogs. Positive rewards are how they learn. Even if they are having a hard time learning a new trick, end the session with something they can do. They’ll feel like they have accomplished something and they’ll get a treat. They’ll look forward to the next training session.

Training is a great way to strengthen the bond and relationship with your animal. Always treat your dog with respect, even if they are struggling with a command. They will get it eventually!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Black Bear

The kids wanted to see the black bear  at the Pittsburgh Zoo but when we went there, he was hiding r his dungeon.  After five minutes or so, he finally came out but he  gave us a surprise lol.  He was being naughty that day.
 But he did showed us his face after he or she has  urinated.
 I fell bad for  this guy, he is so big but the place he was roaming around is very small.
 No wonder he looked so unhappy and even showed us his  unhappiness  by peeing.
As much as I feel bad for those animals in the zoo, I always look in the bright side that without them at the zoo, mist of us won't see these animals  on a regular basis.

Should You Re-Home a Rescue Dog or Adopt a Puppy?

With rescue centers full to overflowing with unwanted dogs, it can seem selfish buying a new puppy when there’re so many deserving characters just waiting for a home. With a 1001 things to consider when choosing your next best friend, it can be heartbreaking and confusing deliberating over that one question. Rescue dog or puppy?

There are advantages to both, and the choice you make is a reflection on your lifestyle and the type of commitment you can make. An older dog might not need as much training as a puppy and is likely to have already been vaccinated and ssterilized so there is a chance to save on these initial expenses. Older dogs also don’t need as much sleep as puppies and can walk much further distances, so if you have children or an active lifestyle, they are more likely to fit in straight away.

Of course, you will only get an older dog because another family no longer want it. Rehoming a friend’s dog, that you already know and who already knows you, is the perfect situation. You will know the level of training it has undergone so far, it’s temperament and why your friends can’t keep it anymore. If they are moving away or can’t afford to keep the dog, then taking him on is a fantastic way to secure yourself a loving, well trained pooch.

The other choice for selection an older dog is to rehome an animal from a rescue home or pound. Dog’s from rescue homes can be a bit hit and miss. You have no idea of the type of background the animal has, it’s temperament and the amount of training it has undertaken. You also don’t know why someone has chosen to give him up, merely that they have. Of course, people give up dogs for all kinds of reasons, and the fact that they need re-homing might not be a reflection on the animal itself. If the previous owner has died, moved overseas or can no longer afford to keep the dog, then chances are you will hit the jackpot and end up with a ready-made and brilliant family pet.

On the other hand, some of these dogs will have been mistreated or given up due to flaws in their character. Spending a few hours with a dog in a rescue home such as K9 Stud, is no guarantee of how well it will behave around children, your home or other pets. For this reason, you need to ensure you have the time to invest in rehabilitating a rescue dog before you adopt one. Even if you think your new dog is perfect, he might have some hidden demons that need dealing with, and you need to be able to tackle them.

A puppy has the advantage of a clean slate. He knows what you teach him and hasn’t been subjected to any abuse. He is also a baby who will learn through trial and error so make sure you are prepared to deal with that error. If you have just finished an expensive home remodel or have very young children, now might not be the best time to get a puppy. Even the easiest of puppies require a significant investment in time and are liable to chew the odd shoe, door or sofa corner, regardless of how much it cost.

Whether you opt for an adult or adolescent dog or a puppy, you need to be aware of just what a commitment it is. This animal is likely to live at least ten years and will be dependent on you for all aspects of his health and welfare. You need to be confident that you can afford him for the length of his life, give him the time that he needs and a lifestyle that is conducive to both his happiness and yours. If you can provide these things then you will be rewarded with unwavering love and devotion, regardless of whether you re-homed him or adopted him as a puppy.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Kois and the Duck

I love to watch animals co-exist in one  place  just fine, they get along so well that makes me   think sometimes, why can't people do that?  How come we have so many  differences that we can't stand each other sometimes.  I admire animals because no matter what color or what kind they are, they try to co-exist and get a long.  If the human race would be just like them, the world is a better place to live in..
Anyway, these photos were taken at Pittsburgh Zoo.  I love looking at the duck just enjoying his time while the Koi fish  have their own wonderful time swimming.  So relaxing to watch  than watching people rioting or  fighting, doesn't it?

Stylish Accessories For Pets And Owners

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences. Animals enrich our lives in so many ways and often end up being a loyal part of your family. We love to care for our pets and to ensure that they have the best of everything, from winter coats to keep them warm, to soft bedding and the best riding and walking accessories.

During the winter months, it is important to keep our pets safe and warm. You may choose to bring your guinea pig or rabbit in from the cold and set them up a warm cage in the house, or go out and buy new blankets and saddles for your horse.

Don’t forget to update your own accessories for winter though! It is just as important to make sure that your riding equipment or dog walking gear is up to date. You need to stay dry and warm and take care of yourself, in order to take care of your animal.

A few stylish ways to update any pet owner’s accessories can be found below.

If you are new to dog ownership then, you may have only just thought about the correct accessories for your new best friend. Make sure that you get some for yourself as well. A good waterproof and windproof coat is essential for those cold and rainy days walking your dog in the park. You will also need some good running shoes if you want to take your dog out to exercise with you.

If you are a passionate horse owner, then consider heading to your local One Stop Equine Shop and making a list of all the essentials you will need for yourself and your horse. Consider some warm winter riding clothing for yourself and a new pair of riding boots and riding gloves. There is a range of stylish saddle bags that will look great with your new accessories.

If you are a small pet owner then, you could think about updating their outdoor housing to a new and stylish residence. You could even give them a luxurious new home that matches your garden decor! Don’t forget things like gloves for yourself, so that your hands are protected when cleaning out cages.

Ensuring that you stay hygienic and protected whilst looking after your animal is a big part of responsible pet ownership. You want to be disinfecting your cages and crates with a pet safe solution on a regular basis.

Bathing your dog is also a great way to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Make sure that in the winter months you have some warm towels to dry them off with. You should also pre-heat your home, ready for when they are done. You don’t want to make your pet sick from the cold. Look for some nice bedding that they can curl up on afterwards.

The more effort you put into caring for your pet, the happier it will be. However you choose to keep your pet safe and stylish this winter, make sure that you are both getting the most from your journey.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


I don't know what the name of this flower is but it's beautiful!  I saw these beautes at Pittsburgh Zoo and I couldn't pass it, I have to take pictures of it.
 I son't know why but this flower somehow  reminds me of the ostrich.
 I think it is because the neck of the ostrich  and the stem of the flower is long as well.
What do you think?  Ostrich  is a big bird isn't it?  I remember when we went to the Zafari in Disney World, their eggs were humongous!

How to Get Pets Ready for a New Baby

When Hubby and I got Married, we didn't have  pets yet.  We both have pets growing up so we said that we will get   us  a pet or two when we have our kids already.  Our main focus was to  have babies first then the pets  which worked  out pretty good.  Here are some of  photos when we first brought home our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ.  They were sop thrilled!

If you notice online, there are so many cute videos and photos of pets, most especially dogs that look so happy playing with little babies. Not only does it bring a smile on viewers' faces but most especially to their owner. But not all pets can easily adapt to this new change. 

According to http://pregnancytips.org, although most pets during pregnancy know that something is up, it doesn’t mean they understand what that is. Prepare your pets for your baby’s arrival by exposing them with small children. When the baby is still in the hospital, bringing baby's scent from the hospital can help. They could be your baby’s burp cloths or any item that has your baby’s scent. Know your pet’s capacity and be honest to yourself, if you think your pet doesn’t react well to the new member of the family, seek help from a professional trainer.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Growing Family of Elephants at Pittsburgh Zoo

One of the many animals at Pittsburgh Zoo that we adore are the elephants.  Watching how  they interact to each other makes me truly believe that they are super loving.   I have watched different videos of elephants and they are pretty amazing.  One of those videos is the elephant who saved the little girl from  a tornado  when she and her family was vacationing in Thailand.  She was riding on the elephant  when a tornado was approaching.  The elephant sense the danger and  get our from the water and went to the  safe place.  I also watch a video where the elephant knows how to pain and the others were dancing.
I love that the zoo documented the growing family of the elephant.
 It is so beautiful watching them.  We got to see how they eat and play tricks.  I will let the photos below do the talking.  Enjoy.
My daughter was pretty amazed of how big their teeth are.  

Going to the zoo is  very educational.  You learn so many things about certain animals that you don't get to see everyday.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Training Your Dog

Why is training important?
Dogs are born with their own unique needs and instincts. They communicate between each other differently to how we do, and many of their behaviors are very different to human ones. When a dog or puppy goes to a new home, everything that have known so far, no longer exists. They need to be taught how they can fit in with our lifestyles, whilst learning about their needs and trying to accommodate them.  If you don’t take the time to properly train your dog, how can you expect him to behavior properly and do as he is told?
Training a dog or puppy teaches it what is expected of it. What it can and can’t do and what are acceptable behaviors. Without this guidance, it is mad to expect a dog to behavior appropriately, as it has not been taught how to.
How to create a bond
Regardless of how old your dog is or what breed it is, he or she can benefit from understanding your leadership and following your training. Whether you are hoping for a wonderfully turned out show dog or a friendly family pet, the recipe for success is essentially the same. The bond you create with your dog, will be the key to successfully training them – if your dog trusts you, it will be happy to follow you.
How to start
Begin by teaching your dog some basic skills. Teach him how to sit, stay, walk on a lead, heel, and great people and other dogs respectfully. You must also teach him to be confident with people and not to growl or bark or guard his food or toys.
If you struggle to do this on your own, you can hire a dog trainer or take your dog to training classes at a training centre. A puppy  training center offers you the chance to learn how to successfully socialize your dog with other dogs and their owners, as well as providing all the training you will need for your pet. To keep your dog’s training up to date, you need to reinforce it regularly and practice every day. Use treats to reinforce good behavior, if your dog sits when he is told give him a treat.
Ensure you keep it up
Once you puppy is fully trained and no longer requires a trainer or puppy classes, it is important to ensure that you still keep his training going. Ensure that you are consistent with the training methods you use. If you always give him a treat when he sits on demand, continue to do so. This will reinforce what he has already learnt.
Get into a routine

A simple routine is an excellent way of keeping your dog happy and content. From day one, choose where he will sleep and be consistent with it. Have two set meal times for your dog, don’t change or alter these unless absolutely necessary. To keep him entertained give him lots of toys and his own bed to sleep in. If you are out at work all day, toys  are an excellent way of keeping him active. Toys with holes for treats can provide hours of entertainment for your dog and are an excellent way of knowing he has something to keep him occupied whilst you are out.

The Butterfly Waited for the Kids

I captured these photos of the butterfly on the very first day of school this year.  The butterfly seemed to enjoy the warm weather.  She stayed on the wall of our patio for a very long time that day.  
I took the photos when my kids were still in school and I was hoping that she would still be there when they come home.  So when my kids arrived, I told them about the butterfly so they went out and were delighted to see her still there.

Preventing Flea and Ticks: Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Your dog deserves the best. So, when it comes to their health, you need to be aware of some common problems. Your home can be the cleanest in the land, but your dog will still be susceptible to fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, it’s just one of those things that dog owners have to put up with.

While the very thought of fleas and ticks is enough to make anyone itch, there are some great ways that you can keep your dog happy. You don’t have to worry that your dog is unhappy and unhealthy as a result of these troublesome parasites.

While summer may be prime time for fleas and ticks, some of these pesky critters can be seen in winter too.  Your dog doesn’t have to suffer any longer. Here is your one-stop guide to preventing fleas and ticks.

What Are Fleas and Ticks?

Both ticks and fleas are parasites that live within your dog’s fur. They nestle themselves into warm areas of your dog. Usually, they settle around the legs, neck and ears. They then feed off their dead skin and blood. This can be irritating for your dog. While these parasites are not dangerous, they can have an impact on your dog’s health if they are left untreated.

Spotting the Signs of Ticks and Fleas

There are some common signs associated with fleas and ticks.

Fleas: If your dog is scratching at the fur, this is a clear sign of a problem. Fleas will lay eggs in the hair. These are tiny white specks and are hard to spot. But, if these are accompanied by black specks or dark red specks, this is a sure sign of flea droppings.

Ticks: As ticks are large, you will locate them with ease. You will see them around the head, ears and paws. Sometimes, they can appear the eyes and mouth .so if you spot one you need to remove it immediately. Use tweezers to make sure that they are killed.

Preventative Measures

When it comes to protecting your dog’s health, prevention is always better than cure. What is more, you can easily prevent flea and ticks using a wide range of home medications.


Shampoos are one of the most effective ways of combating fleas and ticks. Make sure that you bathe your dog regularly and administer the shampoo while they are bathing. The chemicals within the shampoo are not harmful to your dog, but they are detrimental to fleas and ticks. This can be a preventative measure to take, but it can also act as a cure for existing fleas. The best way to get rid of fleas is to kill them immediately.

Oral Medication

Oral medication may be easier to administer if your hound does not like going in the bath. Make sure that you put the medicine into their feed and follow the course as prescribed on the medication. This is a useful measure in keeping parasites at bay.


Dips are strong chemicals that are applied to the dog’s fur. While your canine cannot be hurt by the chemicals, do use caution when using this solution. The strong chemical stops ticks from feeding off your dog. These are very effective forms of treatment. Use twice per year for maximum effect.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


On November 4th evening, our dogs were freaking out chasing something from the  crab apple tree.  My husband  called me and told me that they are trying to  catch something outside so I went out with my camera and here is what I saw from the branch of the apple tree.
 A baby opossum!  This is my very first time seeing this critter. I was afraid that he would somehow figure out how to open the door to our rabbit's cage so I chased him away.
 To be honest, I was scared of this critter, he look scary.
 Opossum reminds me of big rats that's why I am kind of gross out.
 His eyes were scary as well.
 He was sitting comfortably on one of the branches of our  crab apple tree.
 On the 15th, he came back again but since our rabbit is already inside our house, he went straight to the garbage can.  
Our Jack Russel really lit him up but I stopped him from attacking this guy because I was afraid that he might bite Champ and  the possibility of getting a rabies is not good.
 He ran away from  our dogs and climbed on my potted plants on top of of the porch sill.
 Our dog finally got hold of him  and Champ was really swinging him back and forth  but I stopped Champ again coz I though the  Opossum is already dead.  He was acting dead  and he totally fooled me.  
I told my husband to pick him up and put it in a trash bag.  Hubby said that he is just playing dead and he was right.  A couple of minutes after we got inside the house, he took off lol.