Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Pygmy Goats, Silkies Chicken, and a Flemish Giant Rabbit

 We visited a farm with a breed of  miniature domestic  goats.  They are commonly known as  pygmy goats and they are so adorable.  I grew up in the farm but we've never really had goats.  According to the article I read online, the Pygmy goat can be used for many different things, in other words they  are multi purpose animals. The pygmy goat is quite hardy and can adapt to virtually all kinds of weather.
 My husband's co-worker has four and all of them are males but their names are all girls name.  I was told that the owners niece gave the names, hence the girl names.
 We were playing badminton at the yard when we heard some clacking sounds.  It was loud  so we go curious and investigate what it was.  It was the goats that was making all the sounds, they were  fighting at each other.  They fought hard that one of them was bleeding.
 They were kind of ornery.  They kept  chewing on  one of their playpen.
 They love the leaves  of the apples too.  We  gave them some branches of the apples and and was fun watching them  trying to get  it first.  I uploaded a couple of videos that you can watch

They have one big bunny named Paws.  She was very big and my kids wanted to  hold her but they were scared.  Flemish giant is a kind of breed that Paws is, she is really massive.

The silkies chicken reminds me of our lionhead bunnies.  Their  colors and feathers are  almost the same.  Silkies comes in a variety of colors.  I love the white ones.  The Silkie is a breed of chicken named for its atypically fluffy plumage, which is said to feel like silk, and satin.   The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens only have four. 
It said that although they are fair layers themselves, they only lay  about three eggs a week.  According to my husband's buddy, Silkie chickens are very easy to keep as pets and they are suitable around children, as they can easily withstand being roughly handled.  I wish that we live in a farm, I wouldn't mind having chicken and other animals.  It's fun to raise them.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Pigeons or Rock Doves

During our  vacation in Las Vegas.  One of the many things that  our children enjoyed doing was giving the pigeons some left over food.  Instead of leaving the uneaten food in the table, we   were always asking for a box so we could take the  food and give it to the birds.  
 Pigeons are also known as Rock Doves.  I find  these birds beautiful and I don''t mind  having them   around.  We  get  these as visitors in our backyard once in a while and I love watching them.  They also remind me of my  late father-in-law's house.  We lived there for about a year  before buying our own home and I would always  hear them in the morning and in the afternoon.  I have read an article of 21 amazing facts  about pigeon and  what amazed me the most and  it also answered my curiosity is that unlike other birds, baby pigeons stays in the nest   for two months  before fledging.  If you want to know more about pigeons, just visit the link I have incorporated at this link.  This isn't an ad, I just linked it up for  a good resource for info.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Pets are Wonderful

When I first came here, I have no friends and did not know anyone.  My in-laws are all welcoming and made me feel at home but I   still felt lost and different.  I think it is just normal  when you are so far away from your family and  trying to learn the  way of  life here which is totally different from what I  grew up in.   Being pregnant then did not help with my homesickness, I was always wanting to burst out in tears.  But it got better as time goes on.  My father-in-law was a huge help to me especially when I gave birth to our  first born.  He was always  there  for us.  

I told my husband that it would be nice if we can have pets. He told me that we will get one when our daughter is a little older and whenever we already have our own home.  The longing for the pet   died down  because  we have our daughter and she  kept us  occupied all the time. It is only when we came back  from from overseas  that we got one.  We initially wanted a  german shepherd husky mix but found this cute Jack Russell Terrier pup instead and my husband knew  he was the one.  We named him Champ, he is an energetic, super  hyper fur baby.  

Having pets is like having kids. You have to take care of them, bathe them, feed them, and teach them things. Just like us, their health is an important aspect of their well being because just like children, they also bring joy to the family.  This little guy right here  is now 8 years old.  

Pets are wonderful to have.  We can learn so much from our pets if we pay close attention to them. Finding the right  veterinary clinic like the   pest control prince frederick md  is important.  It is a must that their vaccination is up to date to avoid  sickness.  Just like  people, dogs or any other kind of pets get prone to sickness when they get older especially when they don't get a lot of exercise and  doesn't have a good diet. 

As our family grows, the number of pets we have also grows.  We adopted a toy fox terrier and his name  was Max.  We ended up  giving it to a loving family that also wanted  a pet.  The decision was for his own safety, our big dog was not very gentle to him.  He once broke  his leg because Bolt got rough on him so after that incident, we decided to  have him adopted.
Then my sister-in-law found a Pomeranian on the road sometime in the winter season and she gave her to us.  We named her Chelsea.  She was a runaway dog and  she keep running away from home so we gave her for adoption to one of our friends.  We had her for about a year.
 Champ is the pioneer of our fur babies' dominion.  He is  a loyal companion.  He hangs out with me  when I am doing laundry or in the garden.     Rain or shine, he doesn't leave me.
When we adopted Bolt, Champ made sure to let him know that he was the leader.  He immediately  showed  Bolt his dominance.

Having pets involves expenses but it's worth it.  When we moved out to our old house, we thought of  putting our dogs for adoption but our son fought very hard  not to.  I am glad that we didn't  pursue it, I would have missed these little guys so much.  We have other pets  like guinea pigs and bunnies but they can't measure up to the joy that our dogs gives us.  They are definitely the best!