Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fur Baby's Nose

These photos were taken about three years ago when we were painting our fence. Our fur baby Champ, is very "nosy" and he wanted to see what we were doing outside so he stuck his nose under the fence.
Taken at West Union at my husband's  Aunt when we visited them.  The kids had so much fun  exploring the  small creek.  My daughter wanted to get this feather but I told her that we will have it forever by taking a photo of it.  She did not understand it at first but looking at it now, she  knows what I meant.
Thanks for leaving your paw-prints..

Pet Net World

We've all heard about and likely use social media sites to share news about ourselves and post fun family photos, but now there is a social media site for pets. That's right, you can actually document your pet's life and post updates about him or her at this fun social network for pets. If you love animals, this is the place to be as there are many pictures, videos, and updates of various pets. Connect and expand your network by following the updates of your favorite pets, view pets' profiles and add new friends, share pictures and videos of your beloved pet or pets, and create a specific group or join groups. 

There is also a link on the left of the page that takes you to the PetNetWorld blog, where you can learn about different animal topics, such as pet safety. Join the social network for pets at PetNetWorld.com by clicking on the link that says, "Join us now, it's free" and immediately start enjoying building your network of adorable pets. After you join, simply log in with your username and password when you visit the site. Have fun playing around with the social network by uploading your favorite pictures or videos of your pet and by visiting the profiles of other pets. PetNetWorld.com is a fun place to be for all who love animals! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bolt, the Hugger

Our  other fur baby, Bolt, is turning a year old next month.  He is a very loving dog who can't stand being away from us.    I am getting worried that he will be lonely when we go for a vacation next month.  I hope that he will be okay.  
It's funny that when he wants to eat some table food, he would cry and we would tell him to say Food and he would howl like he is saying food lol.
Bolt love to hug and snuggle with us.  Whenever we are sitting on the couch, he would  put his paws in the couch then when we are  laying in bed, he would jump so gently and lay with us.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great Scrapbooking ideas for your family

Scrapbooking is a great way to document memories but also make it look pretty. You can have a theme that ties into the photo. It adds an element of style and really personalises the final touches. All it takes is some cheap rubber stamps, paint, calligraphy pens, paper, material, glitter, beads and a photo album. You can use pretty much anything, even plants from your own garden. Get creative! The following article lists some great ideas for your scrap book.


Imagine a page devoted to your family portrait but with a spin. Turn this classic photo into something humorous with family inside jokes. List the top ten announcements that will make this crowd, your family, cheer wildly. The layout would be including a photo of your family or friends (because friends are family too) and a list of ten things or more that people could say to make them go crazy. It’s a really unique approach and quite personal. It could as simple as listing a favourite television show, just get creative. You know your friends and family best after all.

Day in my life

Day in my life pages are a fantastically humorous way to document holiday photos. Don’t you wish that an average day of your life included a stroll along a Bali beach? Well you can pretend at the very least. Don’t just share the photo; share the things that were said in the day too.

Generation Gap

Have a little fun by showing the gap between the parents and kids in the family. You can share how trends have changed by including pictures of you when you were a teenager and then your children today. This is a then and now inspired idea.

New Year’s

Instead of documenting the highlights of the night, try documenting the hilariously bad situation. You’ll need to use humour for this to work. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a New Year’s Eve celebration; it can be any party situation. This is merely a suggestion. We all have that one awkward experience we witness at a party. This is normally the story we all discuss the next day, so why not make a joke about it and scrap book it.


Christmas is the biggest family holiday. It is all about quality family time and creating great family memories.

Family traditions

If you are putting together a family scarp book, include a list of your traditions. It may help explain some of the photos to. It’s a great way to add an individual touch but also a personal one. Think of things that you like to do as your family on a holiday. Simple things like Sunday breakfast, making breakfast, Christmas morning rituals and Sunday roast dinner.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Robins First Flight

I have posted these Robin's eggs at my other blog a couple of weeks ago.  We  documented their  growth which the Momma Robin wasn't happy about.  Every time I got up in the  porch sill, she would  raise  heck and try to  scare me.  There were four eggs but only three of them hatched.  

Below are the photos I took when  they were few days old.  They don't look very appealing, don't they?
Yesterday, we witnessed their first flight.  Two of them were very brave to take their first taste of freedom  and one of them  was left at the nest.  He followed them after the Mom went back to the nest and  encouraged him to fly.  It was very touching to see that both the Dad and Mom were there to protect the young robins as they figure out how to  fly.
This is the second time that we get to  see the development/growth of the baby birds.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Caring for a Pet After Surgery

A surgical procedure can be confusing and frightening for your pet. Unfortunately, many procedures are unavoidable and sometimes your pet will need plenty of time to fully recover .Make sure that you have pet insurance to prepare for such times. Go to http://www.pet-insurance.co.uk/ to find out how pet insurance can help with medical procedures. Following surgery, you should make sure that your pet is cared for by keeping your furry friend healthy, happy and comfortable. Here are some post-surgery care tips.

Talk to your vet.
Fully discuss the procedure before and after surgery so that you know how the surgery will be performed, to get any helpful advice and to understand how much time your pet will need to fully recover. The vet will often prescribe medication and discuss parts of the surgery including stitches and aftercare.

Bringing your pet home
Make sure that you have an adequate bed with bedding when transporting your pet from the vets to your home. If you are driving, it is often a good idea to bring someone with you to stay with the pet in the car.
Quiet area
Remember that your dog or cat will still be scared and nervous once it returns home. Try to make a quiet area in the house for your animal to rest. If you have children, tell them that the pet is in pain and it is important to not lift or play with your pet until it is has recovered.
Keep your pet healthy
It is normal for your pet to feel sick and uncomfortable after surgery. This can often result in a low appetite and a reluctance to drink water. It is important that you keep an eye on their food and water intake as lack of food and water can lead to dehydration. Contact your vet if you have concerns.
If your dog or cat has had a procedure which requires stitches, they will be fitted with a large collar or cone afterwards to protect the stitches from teeth. Often a dog or cat will try to chew, bite or lick an area which is itchy, in pain or uncomfortable. Make sure that the stitches are intact with regular checks and careful monitoring. The collars can often make eating a challenge so you may want to help your dog or cat with their food. If you notice the collar has become loose, contact your vet to get it refitted.
Follow instructions
If you have been given medicine by your vet, remember to stick to the instructed dosage, even if your pet is displaying signs of pain. You can always ring your vet to discuss medication following the surgery. Stitches should also be removed on time to avoid prolonged discomfort, infection or scarring.

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Loving Dog

Our dog, Bolt, is the most loving dog we have so far.  Our Jack Russel Terrier, Champ, is very loyal but he isn't as loving as Bolt.  This guy loves to give us hugs and just want to be with us all the time.  It's funny when  five o'clock in the  afternoon rolls in, he paces back and forth to our basement door and  would howl, he is waiting for my husband to come  home from work.
He reminds me of my Dog back home.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

K9 Bootcamp

K9 Companions is the premier professional dog training and obedience service in the United States. Its K9 Bootcamp is run with positive reinforcement and motivation, so each dog maintains their individual spirit. For over 30 years, K9 Companions has trained the dogs of celebrities and everyone else to be happy, companions. K9 Bootcamp is a two to four week training period where the dog lives at the camp. The dogs and trainers work together so the dogs do not bond to any particular trainer. Owners can watch their dogs work without their dog knowing they are there and, later, they will work with their dog. Owners will be able to have several lessons throughout the year at no extra charge. 
Photo isn't mine
K9 Companions offers dedicated customer service so both dogs and owners have a good experience. Trainers will also follow-up in the home of the owner. Dogs will learn to stop at curbs and not run into the street, sleep in their own beds and other lessons that make having a dog in the house a pleasure. There are also problem solving and obedience courses for special issues with different breeds inside the house. K9 Companions can certify trainers through its dog trainer courses and certification. The course takes 240 hours and includes hands-on training in all aspects of dog training. This includes Kennel Technician, Dog Obedience, Detection, Competition and Service Dog Training. Students work with over 100 dogs of all breeds. There is book work, discussions, tests in the areas of dog behavior, temperament and psychology.