Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pet Net World

We've all heard about and likely use social media sites to share news about ourselves and post fun family photos, but now there is a social media site for pets. That's right, you can actually document your pet's life and post updates about him or her at this fun social network for pets. If you love animals, this is the place to be as there are many pictures, videos, and updates of various pets. Connect and expand your network by following the updates of your favorite pets, view pets' profiles and add new friends, share pictures and videos of your beloved pet or pets, and create a specific group or join groups. 

There is also a link on the left of the page that takes you to the PetNetWorld blog, where you can learn about different animal topics, such as pet safety. Join the social network for pets at PetNetWorld.com by clicking on the link that says, "Join us now, it's free" and immediately start enjoying building your network of adorable pets. After you join, simply log in with your username and password when you visit the site. Have fun playing around with the social network by uploading your favorite pictures or videos of your pet and by visiting the profiles of other pets. PetNetWorld.com is a fun place to be for all who love animals! 

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Unknown said...

that is so cool. a place for animal lovers to share their pet's photos.;)