Monday, February 2, 2015

Good Exercise for the Fur Babies During Winter

The kids and I went out to our backyard and played with our fur babies.  At first, they were just  showing off to see whose pangs are long and big lol.  Bolt is a much bigger dog than Champ.  He could almost fit   Champ's head in his mouth.
 I kept telling Champ to stop but he just keep on attacking Bolt.
 So I finally  did the last resort, to give him the ball to push around.  He forgot about Bolt as soon as he saw the ball.
 The only problem was, his nose was probably freezing and he couldn't feel anything so even though he already  cut his nose, he was still pushing the ball.  He was bleeding already so we  called it quits.
We also brought Wubzy, our rabbit, outside. It was fun watching him hopping around the snow because he would disappear and bury himself lol.
 See him buried himself in the snow?
We had so much with our fur babies outside that day!

Amazing Ways To Show Your Kids The Beauty Of Nature

Nature is all around is. When our children are small, we want to show them the beauty of nature and wildlife. It can be therapeutic for both children and adults alike to get up close and personal with nature and the great outdoors. The potential to see animals and wildlife in their natural habitats is wonderful. Especially when you know the best places to look! Here we run through some of the best options for showing your children the beauty of nature and animals as they roam free.

Ponds and streams

Take your children out in their wellies and go and investigate local gardens, ponds and streams for signs of wildlife. There are some great adventures to be had and plenty of exciting things to see. You might find some of the below in your local ponds and streams.
Frogs - frogs will hop from stream to stream and can often be found in the water and long grassy areas near to ponds. You can easily get up close to them to take pictures and show your children in more detail. Encourage them not to be scared of these cute little critters.

Frog Spawn and tadpoles - frog’s spawn and tadpoles can be found in ponds and streams. Collecting some frogspawn and bringing it home to watch the tadpoles turn into frogs is a great experiment for kids. Just ensure that you take the baby frogs straight back to the pond as they begin to hatch.

Water bugs and beetles - there are many different types of bugs and beetles to be found in ponds and streams. It can be fascinating for children to take a closer look at these.

Fields and farms

There are many fields and local farms that can be explored as you walk around with your children. They can see animals such as horses. Be warned though, your child may want their own horse after seeing these beautiful creatures up close. Your local one stop equine shop can tailor to your needs when researching horse accessories and what you might initially need.
You can also see plenty of cows, pigs, sheep and chickens that are easy to get up close to. If you go to a far, that is open to the public, they may even let you feed the baby sheep and goats as part of their routine.

Parks and rural retreats

You might be surprised what you can see in your local park and urban areas. There are plenty of squirrels, foxes and other wild animals that you can observe. Take pictures or make drawings of these as a fun afternoon activity with your children. Birds are another thing that you might spot. Bring a bird book with you and see how many different birds you can identify. Collecting feathers will also be a fun activity.
With so many places to choose from, you can really get creative with where you take your children to experience the beauty of nature. A google search for your local parks and woodland areas is a great place to start.