Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wild Life Ranch Petting Zoo, San Antonio Texas

These photos were taken at  the Wild Life Ranch Petting Zoo in San Antonio, Texas last June.  This is the last thing we did after we  roam around the wide  Wild Life and see  amazing critters via our car.  This was our first time going to a zoo where you have to drive to see the animals, it was huge!  Kids won't be satisfied if they can't pet the animals right?  They were very excited to see and pet the goats.
While they were inside the petting zoo, I took some photos of the critters nearby.  Below are the  ring-tailed lemurs (lemur catta) relaxing at their cozy cottage.
And this  gigantic chimpanzee was showing his masculinity to us, he was climbing around his  cage.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Turtle and Praying Mantis Statues

Bellow are some critter statues that we saw at Pittsburgh Zoo from the previous years that we visited there.
They did a great job molding this giant turtle.  This turtle is looking so proud hehehe.

Also love this grasshopper who is standing tall at the entrance of the Kids Zoofari.

The praying mantis reminds me of the movie Flick.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fresh Greens for the Bunnies

Our bunnies are spoiled.  We feed them fresh veggies from our garden.  In fact, the red  radishes that we  planted was  for them and they enjoyed every piece of them.  They love eating greens.  Sometimes we would buy them a head of lettuce and they love munching on that.

If you would recall from my previous post, our female's bunny's name is  Matilda and  the  male one  is Wubzy.

I will have to buy a hay to lay in their bed  for winter.  I feel bad leaving them outside but they cause allergies to my kids  when I take them in.  They are very tough though when it comes to cold weather.  Last year  was a great one for them.  I just keep replacing the hay at their bed so it isn't soaked with  urine and stay dry for them to sleep on.