Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tug-of-War Ball for Dogs

I received this TUGGO ball for  FREE and no financial compensation was received in facilitating this review.  Opinion expressed is 100% mine and not influenced in  any way.

Between our two dogs, Champ, our Jack Russel Terrier is the  one who loves to play with ball and I was excited when I received this yesterday to see how our  Champ would like it.  He was curious  what the ball would do, he barked at it first as he  never had a big of a ball like this before.  We always bought him the rubber ball  which he love to toss and play goalie with us with.

The kids   pulled the other end of the rope since  our other dog, Bolt  was not interested in participating to play.  My husband said that we should put it in the backyard so he could  roll it around or maybe encouraged Bolt to  play with Champ.
I played with Champ after I got done with my work out yesterday.  Thanks to hubby for taking the photos.
He really love pulling on it and he was pushing it around the yard when nobody was pulling the rope.
Today, I put some water on the ball and see how Champ would like and  he likes it even more.  I left him for a while at the yard by himself but when I came back, he chewed out the rope  in half!!!!  I didn't think that he would be able to cut it with his teeth that fast.  So now, he would just push the ball around  because the rope is already destroyed and it's only the second day, wow!
I think that they should come up of replacing the rope with a bit sturdy because this one can easily be chewed out.  I like the ball though because it is fully adjustable  water weighted.  The splashing of the water inside the ball makes it more interesting for the dogs.   It is durable and affordable and your dog can have fun with this tug-of-war style ball. Oh not to mention that you can have fun with your canine as well. Check it out here  

Here's a video that you can watch on how this Tuggo ball works for your canine.   This explains how you can put the water inside the ball.  This ball is  available in different colors.
Thank you so much  Tuggo for sending us  one for our playful Jack Russel, Champ!