Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ball that Champ Love so Much!

If there's onle thing that our Jack Russel Terrierm, Champ., can do all day, it is chewing his ball and playing goalie with us.  This is whhat we always get him for his birthday or during Christmas as he love opening gifts too.  
 When you tossed him the ball, he is happy and content to sit in one corner of the house and chew on his ball.
This is the only kind of  ball that lasts gor a long time with him, the rest of the ones that we tried, he rips them off very quickly.  This is not only good in keeping him busy but it is also good for his teeth.

New Dog Owners: Make Sure You Buy These Essentials!

I can remember the first time I got a dog; it was such an exciting time for everyone in my household! I’m probably a little biased when I say this, but I do think that dogs make the best pets for anyone to have. It’s a proven fact that they bring joy to people’s lives, and they are loyal too.

Have you made your mind up about getting your first pet dog? If so, you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of having a new companion and family member. There are a few things you need to know before you go out and get one, though.

Keep reading to learn more about how to prepare yourself and your home for your new arrival:

Prepare your backyard

Your dog will need to spend some time in your garden during their day. They’ll need time to answer calls of nature, frolic in the sun and stretch their legs. Before you bring your new pet home, it’s crucial that you prepare your backyard for their arrival.
First, make sure that your yard is secure. That means erecting new fencing in place of broken ones or in areas where there are no fences. In essence, you need to “dog-proof” the area! You should also get rid of any dangerous items that might cause them to injure themselves or fall ill.

That means getting rid of any chemicals they could chew through. Remove sharp implements like tools that are lying around. Finally, check for any areas where they could get stuck or trapped.

If you want your dog to spend a considerable amount of its day outdoors, make sure you buy them a “dog house” like the one shown in the photo above. That way, they have some shelter during hot days or when it’s raining.

Establish boundaries with your new dog

Now that your backyard is sorted out, you should focus your attention on your home’s interior! I recommend not letting your dog have unrestricted access to your entire home. As soon as you get your new pet home, it’s crucial to establish boundaries with them.

Doing so will mean they know which areas are OK for them to roam in, and the ones to avoid. All dogs establish territory, even amongst themselves. You need to do that too, as you are, in effect, the “top dog” of the household!

You can restrict access to some areas by installing baby stair gates in certain doorways and halls. Just make sure they aren’t big enough to jump over them!

Buy essential items for your pet

The final point in today’s guide is to ensure your new dog has everything they need to lead a comfortable life in their new “forever home.” Examples include:

  • Blankets and beds;
  • Food;
  • Toys;
  • Leads and harnesses;
  • Worming tablets and flea treatments; and
  • Brushes and nail clippers.

Your local pet store will advise you on any other items you might need for your particular breed of dog. For instance, greyhounds should only eat food that is low in protein.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Labradors Mandy and Hershey

Meet these two labradors that our neighbor  have.  This summer, our neighbor asked our kids to  be their sitters when theyare  not home which the kids doesn't mind.  They love dogs so this is a kind of treat for them.  
 This is Hershey, she is 15 years old and  battling from severe athritis.  She  find it hard to  come up and down the steps of their home.  I feel bad for her because she is  the most loving dog.  We fell in love with her ever since we moved here.  
 Meet Mandy, she is only 4 years old.  She got overweight so now she is on diet.   We take them out for a walkonce in a while.
 Taking a rest as the fur babies were getting overheated.
Their summer job is also my job because I go with them everytime.  Thanks Becki for letting us take care of Mandy and Hershey.

Getting the Kids Prepared for the Idea of a Pet

There will come a point in your life as a parent when your kids are going to want to get a pet. They’ll be nagging you about it for a long while, and you’ll have a big decision to make. It’s important to think about whether you’re ready for a pet and, more importantly if your children are ready.
You see, introducing a new member into the household changed everything. The entire family dynamic is altered as a result. So it’s vital that you ensure the kids know what to expect, and what they’re getting themselves into. Have a look at the points listed on here and try to apply them where you can.
Start Off Small
The best approach with anything like this is to start off small. Baby steps are the best way towards yielding fruitful results. You need to get the kids used to being around animals and taking care of animals. So, a good early approach would be to get them involved in something like feeding the birds. This is a simple and quick exercise that will teach them about responsibility. Of course, you’ll want to take a look at a window bird feeder on Amazon.com to help get you started. This will provide somewhere for the kids to put the food that’s also going to shelter the birds.
Assess Logistics
You also need to give some serious thought to the logistics of having a pet. Do you have enough space in the house to keep a pet? Are your children old enough that a pet isn’t dangerous or overwhelming? These are some important questions you’re going to need to ask yourself. Getting a pet is a massive decision to make as a family, and you need to be sure you’re ready for everything that comes with it.
Decide What Pet
Okay, this is the big decision you all need to make. It’s vital that you decide what sort of pet you want to have. Now, if this is the first household pet, it might make sense to start off with something small like a goldfish, or a hamster. You might want to get a dog, but then you need to decide if you’re ready. A dog is one of the most high-maintenance pets around, so you need to be sure you and the children are ready to take on this burden. There’s a lot to factor in before you can make a satisfactory decision.
Get the Kids Involved
Try to make sure you involve the children as much as you can. Let them be instrumental in the process of choosing and naming a pet. See if you can get them to draft a list of things you’ll need for the animal. If they can be heavily involved at an early stage, they’re more likely to stick with it for the long haul.
Deciding to get a pet is a lot of work, and you need to make sure you and the kids are prepared for it. It’s important to get your children interested in the idea of having a pet as they will need to learn responsibility. Have a look at the ideas listed on this post and you’ll come up with plenty of great ways to prepare them.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

Wubzy's Last Bath

The kids had their piano  lessons today.  It was riginally scheduled at the teacher's house but I think somthing has came up and she asked if she can teach the kids here at home which was fine with me.
 The kids was just excited to have at her house because they have a bunny named Winston and they love to play with him.  
 Anyway, thinking of our bunny, Wubzy, I thought I'd share  these photos that my daughter took when  I gave  Wubzy his bath in February.   
 I thought that he would  freak out because it was  my first time giving him a bath in the tub.  I used to give him a bath outside in his home.  Glad he liked  his last bath since he died  the day after Easter.
It was a sad day for all of us because we liked him as a pet.  He was very ocial and love to  be with us all the time.  I am almost tempted to  get another bunny but the thought of losing them again is tough so I will  chose not to.

8 Things to Think About Before Getting a Dog

Getting a dog is so exciting, but you can’t just get one without thinking of the consequences. Of course, being a dog owner is amazing, but only if you’re doing it for the right reasons. You need to think of a few things in detail before you get a dog. The following 8 things should start you off:
  1. Do You Have the Time Needed to Care for a Dog?

Dogs take a lot of time to take care of. You haven’t just got to think about the time it takes to walk them. You will need to play with them, groom them, and spend time training them. You might think that walking the dog is enough, but they are pack animals so they need a lot of attention. Depending on the breed you get, they’ll need varying amounts of attention. Smaller dogs may not need much walking, but they will still need attention.

2. Do You Have the Money?

When you get a dog, you vow to look after them for life. This means you’ll need to be prepared to pay their vet bills, whatever the problem may be. You’ll also need dog accessories and other essentials. If you struggle for cash fairly often, then it probably isn’t a good idea to get a dog.

3. Is Your Situation Likely to Change?

How likely is your situation to change? If you could lose hours or money at work, you should make sure you can still afford your dog. It wouldn’t be fair on your dog to give them away when you can’t afford them.

4. Have You Researched the Right Breed for Your Lifestyle?

Different breeds would be suited to different lifestyles. If you aren’t very active, you’ll more than likely prefer a smaller dog that doesn’t need much exercise. If you love going out on walks, a larger dog that you can really exercise would suit you. However, you must also consider the space that you have at home.

5. Will You Train Your Dog?

Training your dog is really important. If you don’t train your dog, it’ll end up confused about who the pack leader is. A confused dog is not a happy dog. A dog who knows who the pack leader is is a happy dog!

6. What Will You Do When You Want to Take a Holiday?

Do you have someone to take care of your dog while you’re away? If not, you’ll need to put them in kennels. Are you comfortable with that?

7. Are You and Your Family on the Same Page?

Anybody you live with should be on the same page as you. You should all want a dog and be willing to chip in when it comes to chores. You all need to be on the same page when it comes to training too, if you want it to be effective!

8. Should You Adopt or Get a Puppy?

Getting a puppy is the norm, but most people don’t realise adopting is an option. You could adopt a dog in need and give it a better home, which might also give you a great sense of well being.

With these 8 points, you should be able to make the best decision for your family!