Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chelsea, Our #Pomeranian

We had a female dog named Chelsea a couple of years ago.  I am not sure if she was a pure breed but  she has a Pomeranian in her.  My sister-in-law, Chris, found her  half frozen  on the road.  She took her home and cared for her for   few weeks then she asked us if we want a girlfriend for Champ, our Jack Russell Terrier.  We took her because she was so cute and immediately cuddled in my lap when I first saw her.
At first Champ and Chelsea fought but they got along well afterwards.  She was  a loving dog, the only problem with her is that, she love to run away.  She would took off every chance she gets.  She would even dug out  under the fence just to get out and the neighbors would call and  tell us to come pick up Chelsea

We got tired of chasing her so we decided to give her away to a friend who wants a dog.
Another problem I had with her is her love of flowers.  She would munch on  any blooms she could find in my garden.  Below are some photos while she  was enjoying some peonies..  Even if we have a fence, we kept her chained up just to make sure that she wouldn't run away.
I am glad we found her a good home though.  They have a huge  land where Chelsea can run around without a fear of getting run over by a car as they live  in a country.  We recently visited their home and the kids got reunited with Chelsea.

Friday, July 27, 2012

PETS & Critters Nook

Please welcome to PETS & Critters Nook. We decided to create an online abode for our fur babies so that they would have their own place online.
Wubzy and Matilda. .. Matilda is now pregnant, we will soon have  fur balls inside their  home.
Meat and rawhide chew... Only Bolt and Max chewed on these treats, Champ wasn't crazy about it.
Champ and Bolt sharing their treats.
Maximus, our toy fox terrier.

It would be  nice if  you can follow our pets' home, pretty please? Thank you!
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