Thursday, November 28, 2013


We found this young fella at the garden center  at Lowe's  a couple of months ago.

I found him so cute that I asked hubby to let him walk in his finger so I could take more  photos of him so here you go.

Isn't he the cutest thing?  This grasshopper always reminds me of the movie "A Bug's Life".  Have you seen it?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Comfortable Pad for Our Fur Babies

Champ and Bolt has been enjoying their new  pad  that we bought recently.  I threw away the old one that  were using because it was getting so hard to clean.

The next thing that I want to buy for them is a bigger crate because our  dog, Bolt, is getting big  for the  large crate that we have right now.

They sleep at the basement ever since we threw away the  chair that they used to sleep in.  I am glad they have a comfortable pad to  lay in during night time.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Critter Visitor

Alright, in my  7 years of living at our home, I have never encountered any  invading critter such as  this little guy.  It happened two days before Halloween.  My husband was putting the dogs to their bed  when he heard a noise at our laundry room.  At first he thought that  someone had break in to our  basement and he got  cautious.  He run upstairs, grab a bat, and called me to come with him as he heard some noise at the basement.  I went with him, we inspect the laundry room and  I saw the  filter moving at our heater.  And there we discovered it was a bat, a baby bat.  We let him loose by  pulling out the  filter and he  flew  at the bottom of our basement stairs.

At first I said I can catch him and then I got scared when I saw his pangs hissing at me lol.  Hubby would not fit at the bottom of the stairs so I had to do it.  It was my first face to face encounter  with a bat so I was shaking.  I used the mop to pin him down but he managed to crawl at the small hole of the  of the concrete so I could not grab him even with a plastic as  he would  open up his mouth every time he hears the plastic.  

Hubby gave me a tool to grab him but the hole was too small so I used a twizzer to grab  his lower lip.  He fought so hard but I dragged him out.  I am shaking as I am typing this lol.  I was literally terrified as the bat face reminds me of the horror movie I have watched when I was a kid that lingered in my mind.  My husband said I am so brave for catching it lol.  

We  suspected that the bat  came from the fruit orchard that our neighbor has.  He probably got cold and flew to yr chimney to get warmed but he fell inside our  heater.  Glad he did not die as it would have stunk inside.  I just find it creepy  that a bat would come to our house on Halloween time.  Glad we got him out.