Saturday, April 11, 2015

Critters Death: Rest in Peace Wubzy

I just posted an article about our bunny, Wubzy, being house trained just a month ago.  We are so proud of him of how quickly he learned  to use the litter box we have  prepared for him when he was staying inside during the Winter season.  The day after the Easter, we went outside and did some gardening.  My daughter  let him out of his house so they could play with him on the yard.  She took these photos of him relaxing.
We did not know that it was the last  day we were going to spend time alive with him.  He died that night and the kids were so devastated.  I have never heard my kids cried  so pitiful  like they were mourning for a person they love who died.  I wanted to cry while they were crying but I controlled myself.  That night however, I lost it, I cried myself to sleep.  I was very much affected  because I was basically the one that cared for him everyday when my kids are in school.  This is the part of having pets that I don't like, when they die, especially  when it's  unexpected.  We laid him to rest in our backyard as the kids requested.  We buried him to his favorite spot.  As you can see, my kids are crying.  Wubzy was a great pet, he was with us for four years.

The next day after we lost Wubzy, I wanted to shake off  the sorrow feeling I had for  him so I went for a long walk after I dropped off my kids to school.  I felt sick seeing this  dead deer on the side of the road.  It was awful.  I had to go home and and laid down as I did not feel good after seeing it, it reminded me of Wubzy's death again.

I am telling you, death is something  I don't  take very well even on pets/animals.This morning, we took our daughter for a walk while our son was attending his Experience day.  When we came back, I saw a bunch of  dove feathers laying in our backyard and I immediately looked on the dove's nest at our back porch.  I felt  horrible seeing it as I know, she just hatched her egg/s on the nest.  

A black hawk has been terrorizing the  birds at our backyard recently  and he managed to swept off  the dove  that was always sitting in her nest.  I am not sure if the  little dove will survive without the Mom.
Hubby believe that things happen in threes so hopefully,  this is the end of it.  The first two weeks of  April for me was really awful seeing these living things dying.  I was telling my husband that it feels weird that I am feeling this way because when I was younger, all I care about is our dog, our pig, and our carabao but now, it seems like I am affected with  everything that does.  It might be because I am now a Mom that I am feeling this way.  How about you, do you get affected with  things like this?