Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kennel Cancellation, Vacation Cancellation, and Evanger's Dog Food

Having pet is  great especially if you have kids.  It's a great bonding experience  for the whole family.  There is a however a downside to having pets especially if you like to go places.  We booked our dogs to the kennel in March, we had their shots done, and we were ready to go.  We were supposed to leave   this Saturday for our vacation,  until our schedule got derailed.  The Kennel called and informed us that the owner is having  a bypass surgery so they are closing down for a while.  My heart goes to them and I hope that the owner will have a safe  surgery.  The dilemma we had is finding an available kennel to take our dogs in and by this time,, it is impossible.  I tried calling friends as well and asked if they could  watch the dog for us with pay but to no avail.  I got frustrated, had a migraine trying to find a place toboard our dogs but  we didn't find one near the area so we didn't have a choice but to cancel our reservations.  I think that the kennel should have  a back up plan just in case  emnergency like that happen.  I understand that  they didn't plan it but  they should have at least someone continuing their business.  As a result of their cancellation, we cancelled our planned vacation as well and  it cost us since we have to pay a fee to cancel it, sigh.  

On the lighter note, some of you might have read my post  about my daughter's birthday .  Here are some more photos of her with our dogs, Champ (JRT Black and white) and Bolt (Mixed-breed  miniatue and  doberman pinscher).  
When I told the kids that we have to  cancel our  vacation, they got upset but we explained to them what the cisrcumstances are.  The two of them are the ones fighting to keep the dogs.  I am ready to give  the fur babies  for adoption.  I mean, I love dogs  but it is hindering us from doing things.  
They would rather lose the vacation time than lose the dogs. I don't really mind not going on a vacation but I know that my husband really wants too. We might do something later on but for now, I hope my migraine would vanish and leave me alone, it sucks! I get sever migraine when I am stressed out!
Onto another thing, let us talk about the Super Premium Evanger's dog  food.  They were voted the best  pet food in 2014 during the Pet Product News International's  Editor's Choice Award.  They sent me a box of Beef Dinner with spinach and kale for our dogs.  
Their dog food is moist, meaty, and complete meal that are slow cooked in small batches using USA farm grown, human grade ingredients for superior taste and bioavailability.  (05 of their ingredients  are sourced locally, daily and used within 24 hours.  The remaining 10%    comes directly from American Farmers  or US-sourced suppliers. 
Bolt and Champ really love their dog food!  I have  mixed it with  dry dog food and  they clean their bowls every time!  I bet they would love just about any kind of  flavor from their selection.
When you open the  can, it doesn't smell like dog food at all.
Their dog food is available in  different flavors such as Duck and Sweet Potato Chicken Dinner, Lamb and Rice, and the Beef Dinner.
Okay here are Bolt and Champ, wonder what they are thinking?  They want more!
They also sent me two wilderness Wild Chews Knuckle.
I thought for sure that they would dig this right away since they love to chew on chicken bones but I was so surprised that they did not.
For some unknown reason, they just sniffed it and walked away.  
I think it has something to do with the fact that we never gave them big bones like this before. They aren't used to chewing on big bones so they are a little intimidated by its size lol.  The bones are still sitting in our back porch
If you are looking for a great dog food, I highly recommend this  just by judging how much our dogs loved it.  It is made in the USA and no ingredients  is from China so  you are guaranteed that it is  safer and healthier for your fur babies. You can buy the above-mentioned products  at  They carry over 400 brands of the best pet food and stuff.  They offer free shipping for order $49 and up.  

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the products mentioned  in exchange of my honest  opinion which may differ from yours.