Friday, August 28, 2020

National Dog Day 2020

National Dog day was on the 26th. We have two dogs who has been with us ever since we came back from South Korea eleven years ago.  Our Jack Russell Terrier was the first dog we have.  He is almost 12 years old so he’s been slowing down.  He used to be so hyper but now he’s showing his age.
Then we have Bolt, he is 8 years old.  He’s a mixed between a terrier and a Doberman .  He is such a sweet and loving dog.  He seldom barks but he communicates really when he is hungry, wants to go for a walk, or when he wants a treat.
He love going on a walk.  He knows the word walk, leash, and lets go.  He also know the word food, treat, sit, very well.
I feel bad that I haven’t taken them as much but we have been busy doing home renovations.
We do however go for walks any chance we get.
Champ also love walking but you have to have his gall or else he would bark to anybody he sees.
With Bolt, walking is very relaxing.  Nothing bothers him.
I used to not like taking Champ for a walk when he was younger because he pulls the leash very hard but now that he’s older, he walks pretty normal and no pulling.
What I love aboutChamp is, he love hanging out with me in the garden.  He won’t leave my side when I’m gardening.
Happy National dog dayBokt and Champ!