Thursday, April 22, 2021

Bonding with our Guinea Pig, Georgina

 Three of our pets passed away last year.  Our male guinea pig, Dunkin, died during the summer season and two of our rabbits Molly and Rosco)  died in the fall.  They were very good pets 

When Dunkin died, we paid close attention to Gigi (short for Georgina), we didn't want her to feel lonely not having somebody with her anymore.  The kids were always busy with school stuff so they seldom  bond with the remaining pets.  I am glad they played with Gigi for a while.
Gigi is not as social as Dunkin so when you first try to pet her, she runs away.   I miss Dunkin because he actually greets you when you go to their cage,  
Gigi was very small when we got her but now she's bigger.  Her hair is multi colored and they grow very fast so I have to keep trimming it so it won't get tangled.  
She doesn't like her nails cut but I do it anyway because if you let it grow, they curl up and it looks painful.
During summer time, I give her a good bath but during colder months, I don't as I wasn't sure if that would cause some health issues.  
I can't wait till the weather gets warmer again so she can run around in the yard.  I put her in the backyard when I'm gardening so she could eat fresh grass.  She seldom eats the fresh grass but its good for her to  exercise her legs by running around.  Most of the times, she stays in a hidden part of the garden.  I think she's scared of the dogs.
Guinea pigs are cute little animal to have as a pet.  They don't require much time to take care of.  Their food is a little expensive on the side but like I said, they're cute pets especially if you have little kids.  I think my kids are gradually staying away from getting excited with these pets anymore.  They do love our dogs though.
Last year, we let a family adopt Gigi but they returned her after a day.  She said, their daughter was too rough to have a tiny pet.
The  only issue with having pets is when you travel, you have to find a place that can take care of them for the time being that you are away.  It can be a pain in tush when  these places are full, you don't get to go.  I remember one summer, we didn't book the kennel early in the Spring, we just focused on reserving our travel reservations so when we finally  call the place, there were no available space for our dogs so we had to  cancel our previous plan and adjust the time that we can go.  
I would love to live in a farm  where the animals can freely roam around and not get cooped up in a cage.  Living in a city is tough especially if you want to raise  some livestock like chicken.  We tried to have chicken before but it did not last.  I miss having the fresh eggs in the morning and it's awesome to have  chicken, they are friendly animals.  We had one that we kept as long as we could but she disappeared one day, I am not sure if a bird or any type of animal got to her but I definitely miss having Blue (that's what we name her).
Anyways, back to our guinea pig, Gigi is such a gentle soul.  She isn't vocal like Dunkin was, she only make a noise when she doesn't have a hay anymore.  She love her Timothy hay.
What I like about Gigi is that she's beautiful to photographed.  she's one of my favorite subjects when it comes to taking photos of our pets.
The hair on top of her head gets very long and it gets n the way of her eyes so I trim it constantly.

We've had Gigi for a couple of years now.  Dunkin only lasted  few years with us and then he died.  The hard part oif having pets is when they passed on.  You get used to having them and when they passed, its like  part of you gets so numb.