Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Give Love This Christmas: Welcome A Dog In Your Family

You never know that you are a dog person until you see two big brown eyes looking at you lovingly. It’s no wonder that the dog is often described as a (wo)man’s best friend: It’s impossible not to feel warm inside when you have next to you a creature who will love you until the very end. Pictures of grateful dogs jumping in their owner’s arms are all over the Internet. There’s a reason for that: Dogs are guaranteed to make you smile. So, if this year, make it a truly happy Christmas and adopt a dog. Here’s our little guide to prepare for your dog’s first day at home.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Dog You Choose

There are no better breed than others. With dogs, like with people, it’s all a matter of taste. And by taste, we mean which dog will steal your heart first, because if there is one thing that you will discover immediately about dogs, it’s that they can be utterly adorable. Whether you choose a puppy or a senior dog, your new furry friend will certainly melt your heart.

But there is more to dogs than the mountain of cuteness. Since the beginning of ages, dogs have not gained a trusted role in human families by chance. It is in their nature to do us good. Common examples that jump to mind consist of police and shepherd dogs. While these dogs provide valuable support to their owners, there are many more ways in which dogs are a great addition to any family. They genuinely improve the health of those around them.   

Make Your Dog Feel Loved and Wanted

You know the saying, a dog is not just for Christmas, it’s forever. So do make sure that your new friend knows that you mean it. You can do this in simple gestures and attentions throughout the day. It is, for example, important to pet and stroke your dog regularly, so that it can feel part of the family. Play with your dog at least once a day, as it is a healthy way of developing a strong bond and helping your dog nurture its reflexes and intelligence. Don’t believe that because you’ve chosen a senior dog, it will not have a playful temperament! But make sure though that you don’t tire it out! Dogs also need to feel that your home is theirs, too so it’s a good idea to invest in items that are designed specifically for dogs so that they can relax after a long day of games, such as dog beds.  5355811949_639f7f0d22_o.jpg

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Care For Your Dog’s Health

Contrary to human beings, dogs can’t tell you when they feel poorly. They do have ways of showing you, but it would be better for your dog if you did all you could to keep it healthy and safe. This start with a check up with the vet to make sure that your new friend is well. If you choose a puppy, you will need to get it chipped. Most senior dogs will have already been chipped. Your next step is the most important thing you can do to protect your dog: Get it insured. Some dog owners prefer to save the cost of insurance, but you need to remember that you are responsible for your dog’s life. The insurance is designed to reduce medical bills and ensure that your dog can be treated in case of accident or illness. It is essential that you understand how to look after your dog to start this new friendship in the best possible manner.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

American Toad

I found this toad in our garden few months ago and I  wanted my kids to see it since it is very seldom that we see critters like this.  This toad  resembles the American toad or Bufo americanus that I see from that describes   "Eastern South Dakota is the western limit of the habitat range for the American Toad, and they are only found in the far eastern counties of this state. American Toads are usually a dull brown, but can range from yellowish to olive brown to dark gray with patches of lighter colors. Their skin contains many glands that produce a mild poison to protect toads from predators.
 Anyway, I gently captured him  and called my  kids to see it.
 Then we released it again in the garden.
 He seem to like it when we released him by my herb garden.  He stayed there for few days and  left.
Whenever we see  some critters that we seldom see, we always make sure to let our kids see it.

All of Your Weird Cat Behavior Questions Explained!

Cats are curious creatures, in both meanings of the word "curious". Their desire to detect and search the world around them (as well as being potentially calamitous, if the saying is to be believed). They are also, frankly, bizarre.

We have opened up our homes and lives to these animals, and yet so few of us understand them. We watch, baffled, while they clamber into boxes and shove their little faces where they just shouldn't be. If you're fed up of just finding your feline friend fascinating and want some answers, then we've got a few to peruse...

Why Do Cats Rub Their Face On Me?

First off, this is a good thing - looks like your kitty loves you! You can be sure of this because what they're actually doing is claiming you for their own. Cats have scent glands all along the side of their faces; you can't see them, but they're an important thing for your cat. They want you to smell like them - so try and see it as a compliment!

Why Do Cats Explore High Places?

Cats have a tendency to want to be as high up as possible. This can be pretty terrifying for you, as you imagine the inevitable fall and begin to compare pet insurance prices to check the coverage. While there's no harm in being prepared for the worst, most cats are fleet of foot - and the desire to be up high is completely natural. Up high, they can see any potential attackers coming and have full control of the situation. Giving your cat somewhere to hang out that's high off the ground is a caring idea, especially if they are prone to being nervous.

Why Do Cats Pluck The Carpet?

Scent glands strike again! This time the ones in their paws. Cats finding scratching therapeutic as well as beneficial for keeping claws healthy. If you want to protect your carpets, then always make sure they have options that allow them to scratch without damaging anything.

Why Does My Cat's Tail Sometimes Tremble?

This is another good sign and tends to happen for one of two reasons.

1) They are excited to see you. If this happens as your cat is approaching you, congrats! You're their favorite human.

2) You are getting food they are excited about eating. Again, the tail quivering is a sign of intense happiness and high anticipation.

Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

It's worth noting that this is not limited to domestic cats; big cats love being inside boxes as well. There is no firm evidence as to why, but most theories center around the feeling of safety. A box is self-contained and provides a good vantage point, while adding a feeling of extra protection.

Why Does My Cat Not Like Catnip?

All cats love catnip, right? Wrong. It's genetic. If your feline friend is totally oblivious to this pungent herb, then they just might not carry the gene that makes them susceptible. It's estimated only around 40% of cats actually have the right genetic makeup!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How Dogs Can Massively Improve Our Lives

Along with being adorable to look at, our furry friends benefit our lives in so many ways. From improving our health to helping vulnerable people, and even protecting us against crime. Here are just a few of the reasons why dogs are so amazing.

They Can Reduce Stress and Blood Pressure
Spending time with a dog can help to lower your blood pressure, cut down on levels of stress hormones and even release a relaxation hormone. Not only will this make you feel better when you face stressful situations in life, but it’s also good for your health too! One study found that when people with borderline hypertension adopted a dog, their blood pressure reduced significantly within a matter of months. ‘Puppy rooms’ are now being implemented in many universities to help students feel less stressed before exams. They have so much of a powerful effect, it’s even been shown that heart attack patients with dogs survive longer than those without.

They Can Improve Mental Health
Dogs have evolved to be tuned into human behavior and emotions. While they can understand lots of the words we use, they are even better at interpreting other cues such as our tone of voice, gestures and body language. It’s the reason that when you’re feeling down or upset, your loyal dog will be at your side comforting you. This may be part of the reason as to why people are less likely to suffer from depression when they own a dog. Playing with a dog can boost the levels of the brain’s ‘happy chemicals’ serotonin and dopamine, which help you to feel calm and relaxed.

They Can Improve Your Fitness Levels
Having a dog means plenty of walkies. Not only is this good for your pooch but it’s also good for you too. Walking is an excellent way to burn calories, tone up and also get fresh air. Having a dog means you’ll explore lots of new places which you probably would never have found any other way. Parks, rivers, canals, fields, woods. What better way to get out there and enjoy nature and improve your fitness than with your furry friend in tow.

They Can Help People With Disabilities
Service dogs can literally transform the lives of people with disabilities. As well as serving as a loyal companion, they can allow people to perform daily tasks and get back out there into the world. However, to be able to qualify as a service dog and be granted public access, it must be sufficiently trained. If your dog is currently an ‘emotional support’ animal for a disability, with the help of a service dog trainer you are able to improve their training to be allowed out with you everywhere in public. This can be useful if your disability has worsened, and you have found yourself needing more support.

They Can Help Fight Crime
Due to dogs excellent sense of smell, they make an asset to organizations such as the police and airports. They can be trained to sniff out all manner of things from large amounts of cash to drugs- and allow criminals to be caught and justice to be served.