Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bird's Haven in the Backyard

One of the many things I enjoy is watching the birds and butterfly fly around our  backyard.  So to attract more of them, I planted  butterfly bushes and  also put bird's feeder  under the trees.   we have a porch at the back so when we are sitting out there, it's nice to watch  the birds eat.
The birds that are usually  around are  finches, sparrows, robins, cardinals,  blue jays and sometimes wood pickers.  I don't like the crows that comes  because they are vicious towards other birds but I guess they have to eat too so they are also  welcome in our backyard.
We used to just put brick seeds but we thought  of adding a bird feeder that we could put a lot of seeds in so everyone can eat at the same time.  We chose this one with holes in it all the way to the top.
One full of birds seed  with this container  lasts for two days, these birds can really eat.  I am going to find  a bird seed that  doesn't have sunflowers in it because the small birds can't eat it and they fall on the ground then it grows in the yard.
Some birds stays in the winter so we will continue to put food in it for them to eat.
Most of these birds live in the bamboo forest  adjacent to our home so they always flock here in our backyard.
Another food they enjoy eating is bread.  We  give them the ends of  bread all the time.  It's funny seeing them  fight over it.
I feel bad for sparrows because they get bullied most of the times by other birds who are bigger than them.
I transfer the  hummingbirds feeder in the backyard but I did not see any  there.  I will have to transfer it in our front porch next year because that is where our hummingbird goes.  
The only thing issue I have putting the  feeder close to the fence is that,  they  love to  poop  on top of the fence.  Below are more pictures of the birds  having a blast in our  backyard.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
The colorful ones that I love watching are the cardinals and the  bluejays.  They are harder to take pictures though, they are always moving and not as trusting as the other birds.
The male birds are always more colorful than female birds.  I love how bright red the male cardinals are compared to the female ones.
Our backyard has many trees so it makes a great haven for the birds.  
We bought a big bag of bird seed so they would last until winter.  I hope that the bird are enjoying their free food.

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KouponGirl said...

Great selection of bird feeders! We have just one feeder and all kinds of birds arrive daily! For the smaller birds, we have a suet feeder. They seem to like the flavored suets (peanut butter) better than the plain ones! The squirrels usually get a nibble here n there on it!