Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Birds on the Ferry

Going on a ferry ride  with our car in it was such a  great experience for all of us when we went to Virginia.  Thanks to an online friend who told us about it.  It was really a relaxing activity fir all if us especially after our  tuiring day at Busch Gardens.  While on the ferry, we saw a lot of birds flyung around and lot of them was on a ferry ride too.
Kids were fascinated by this big birds nest.  We were not sure what bird occupies it but it's a  big one.  Here she is, U am not sure if it's a hawk.

Watching the  birds fly and enjoy their time gives us the most enjoyable time  on the ferry even though it was very hot and humid that day.

If we ever visit Virginia again, we would probably go on a ferry ride again.

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